The Luxury Asset Club Announces Release of Kobe Bryant-Signed Wearable NFT

April 22nd, 2022 at 10:37 am UTC · 3 min read

The Luxury Asset Club Announces Release of Kobe Bryant-Signed Wearable NFT
Photo: The Luxury Asset Club

The Luxury Asset Club’s [TLAC] first blue-chip NFT offer will consist of a limited edition one-of-three in the world 18k Rose Gold Hublot watch designed and signed by Kobe Bryant, a signed Nike Zoom VIII sneaker, and a custom curated 3D twin created by The Luxury Asset Club’s in-house design team.

The Partnership with EnforceableNFT and SuperWorldApp

The collaboration with EnforceableNFT, an NFT project focused on copyright and IP protection, will see TLAC leverage the platform’s cutting-edge technology to validate the project’s authenticity and attach the necessary documentation. This will help to prevent infringement now and in the future.

The strategic partnership with SuperWorldApp, an interactive platform enabling users to curate, buy, sell, and create over 64 billion unique plots of virtual land, will see TLAC host their luxury assets on the platform. One full integration is complete SuperWorld users will have the ability to interact with a wearable version of the Kobe Bryant King Power Hublot watch through Augmented Reality. The co-Creator of The Luxury Asset Club, Diamonte Zarba, refers to this agreement as one that is on course to tokenize one of the most exclusive collectibles in the sports industry.

Zarba says:

“We are extremely honored to be able to partner with SuperWorldApp on our mission to tokenize one of the rarest sports memorabilia items in the world. Through this partnership, we intend to complete the digital transformation of the Hublot King Power 18k Rose Gold Tourbillon Kobe Bryant-signed watch, formally bringing this once-in-a-lifetime asset into the metaverse.”

Kobe Bryant Signed Hublot Watch and Make-a-Wish Donation

Dating back to 2013, the watch features 27 jewels of mono-metallic balance rotating in a turbine carriage, manual winding brushed movements, an 18k rose gold titanium case and a ceramic bezel. Furthermore, it features a subsidiary dial for chronograph thirty-minute registers and a sapphire back secured firmly by Black Mamba’s signature.

The TLAC team has partnered with Make-a-Wish Greater Los Angeles, a charity that was near and dear to Kobe Bryant, to honor his legacy. Bryant was one of the top 10 celebrity wish-granters for the Make-A-Wish foundation worldwide, making 200 children’s wishes to meet him come true and often flying around the globe to do so.

The Luxury Asset Club has pledged to donate a percentage of proceeds generated from the successful sale of their Meta-raffle. Michael Kalhoff, Make-A-Wish, Greater LA:

“This donation is making a world of difference to our organization, and many children will benefit from it.”

The Luxury Asset Club private whitelist of 824 mints will be launched in Mid-April 2022 with the public mint of 8,024 mints to be announced shortly thereafter. Further details to enter their Meta-Raffle are available at their website.

About The Luxury Asset Club (TLAC)

The Luxury Asset Club is an exclusive online community revolutionizing the ownership of rare exclusive collectible assets. TLAC revolutionizes the process in which ultra-luxury assets are sold and held in the web3 world. By using the group economic model to liquidate high value collectible assets, TLAC aims to bridge the worlds of innovation with impact using web3 technology. By revolutionizing the ownership of luxury assets, TLAC is pushing forward web3 initiatives that provide accessibility for all.

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