TooNFT Enters Decentralized Ecosystem via Toomics

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TooNFT Enters Decentralized Ecosystem via Toomics
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The launch of the TooNFT platform is on track to ride on the back of the Toomics platform which has gained a massive embrace on the global scene.

The South Koren blockchain-based webtoon platform, TooNFT is making its entry into the decentralized Web3.0 through the Toomics Ecosystem. As contained in a detail shared with Coinspeaker, TooNFT is an emerging blockchain-focused platform that seeks to revolutionize the entire industry represented by Webtoon, Manga, and Comics through the creation of a next-generation Non-Fungible Token (NFT) ecosystem.

The TooNFT will operate more like a marketplace that will facilitate the direct transfer of items or content between creators, readers, writers, and investors. The system the TooNFT platform is creating will notably cut out the middlemen in order to foster a unique user experience for all of its users alike. In what will be the first of its kind move, TooNFT will turn Webtoon and Manga characters into NFTs that can be minted, bought, and sold alike.

The Ethereum blockchain marked the start of the capabilities into the world of smart contracts and applications such as has not been seen since Bitcoin was floated more than a decade ago. One of the innovations that were floated is hinged on NFT which represents a way for users to claim ownership of digital items registered on the blockchain.

While NFTs became prominent through the emergence of CryptoPunks, the mainstream reckoning of this innovation became pronounced last year with the emergence of other renowned NFT collections. What is most notable is the attempt by various industries to personalize the NFTs to harness new use cases that can transform future engagements with fans across the board.

TooNFT will come off as one of the first attempts to transform Webtoons and comic characters into NFTs together with Toomics playing a prominent role being its strategic supporter. Webtoons already feature digital art characters, some of which are even more iconic and functional when compared to the host of art collections that have made the rounds today.

TooNFT to Ride on Toomics Global Audience

The launch of the TooNFT platform is on track to ride on the back of the Toomics platform which has gained a massive embrace on the global scene.

TooNFT will gain a massive benefit from the expertise with which the Toomics platform was developed, granting access to the Webtoon platform’s more than 60 million users, 22 million MAU, and up to 10 billion page views. While the Toomics platform typically brings the user base and technical expertise, it does much more as it will also recreate the functionalities and use cases that center around the TooNFT.

NFT collectors today typically want a thriving ecosystem that will make their holdings worth the while. Together with Toomics, the TooNFT platform is on track to gain a massive head start and perhaps benefit from the recognition of Toomics which inked the award of one of the shining google apps of the year in 2017.

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