Trade Announces Largest Crypto Airdrop Ecosystem for Trade Token (TIO) Holders

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Trade Announces Largest Crypto Airdrop Ecosystem for Trade Token (TIO) Holders
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The team launches an airdrop campaign, enabling the platform’s users to participate in over 2 million token distributions per verified token sale.

Airdrops are now an irreplaceable tool for managing the crypto community, rewarding it and incentivizing its further engagement, as well as encouraging product awareness.  But the trustworthiness of this innovative tool still remains questionable within and outside the crypto community.

This is the challenge is up to take, aiming to finally solve the issue with its one-of-a-kind, next-generation financial institution on the blockchain.

Taking the community requests into account, has recently launched a unique airdrop campaign that is set to enable the platform’s users to participate in over 2 million token distributions per verified token sale. The event has been designed in a way to make the existing Trade Token (TIO) holders get all the major benefits, such as current airdrop rewards as well as future airdrops from Token Generation Events (TGEs).

All future TGEs have been extensively vetted by’s experienced team. The vetting process includes KYC and AML procedures, technical analysis and viability of the project, longevity and usability. This is a good guarantee for the token holders that all TGEs they are going to be engaged in are of high quality.

Among already vetted and approved TGEs are: TV-TWO, token sale Watchdog, INGOT Coin, DarcMatter, ZeroEdge. Over 50 TGEs in total are waiting for the platform’s approval to join and offer their innovation to the global community, facilitating access to about a 100 million coins for TIO holders in the coming months.

Trade vision is built on the facilitating of quality token sales on its platform and rewarding its growing community through a steady stream of high quality cryptocurrency offerings. With this, the community is uniquely positioned to automatically possess leading cryptocurrencies of the future, diversifying their portfolio and increasing its worth.

CEO of Trade Jim Preissler commented:

“We are constantly looking for ways to add value to the experience of our loyal community and TIO holders. We feel that an ongoing airdrop of this enormity is the perfect way to both thank our community for their loyalty plus to assist new high potential ICOs in accessing our informed and ambitious community.”

After joining’s official Telegram channel and the channel for the chosen TGE, the community members can automatically take part in the airdrop and get their pre-set amount of tokens to be distributed. The current TIO token holders can participate in any token sale of approved TGE through the soon-to-be-launched airdrop portal, benefiting over the newly joined members in getting a significant number of additional cryptocurrencies, from an allocation pool equivalent to USD 100,000, as a special reward.

Trade reward protocols will continually keep taking snapshots of all wallet holding TIO and those with over 2,500 TIOs will be made eligible for any token sale launched on the Trade platform. Token holders participating in token sale through the portal will also receive additional bonuses separate from what the TGE company is publicly offering.

“This airdrop is a win-win situation for all company stakeholders. The Alt Coins from from our upcoming ICOs will also be airdropped into our liquidity pool, which will benefit all of its participants.”

Having successfully completed its crowdfunding event in January 2018, when the company managed to raise over $31 million,’s TIO tokens are now available on reputable exchanges including: OKEX, Bancor, GateIO, TIDEX, KuCOIN, HitBTC, IDEX. The platform is also developing its own exchange, the official launch of which is to be scheduled in a few weeks.

The company itself is a financial ecosystem for the next generation backed by blockchain technology. It is designed to provide users with the ultimate security and transparency for all their financial exchanges. The company also provides a highly sought after consultation and Angel Investment Program for startups.

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