Trading Indicator Service Chart Prime Acquires Vital Algo Trading

April 13th, 2022 at 3:58 pm UTC · 4 min read

Trading Indicator Service Chart Prime Acquires Vital Algo Trading

In an effort to move towards becoming the leader in the trading indicator industry, Chart Prime has finalized a deal to acquire Vital Algo Trading. As a pioneer in the field, Vital Algo has developed industry-leading technology that focuses on utility over a “get rich quick” mentality. This like-minded acquisition allows Chart Prime customers to access the tools they need to become better traders. Chart Prime, offered exclusively through the trading view platform, makes life as easy as possible for traders.

Alex Fernandez, who heads up Chart Prime, said:

“At Chart Prime, we put a considerable emphasis on utility rather than the ‘buy here’ and ‘sell there’ signals that tend to mislead traders. All of our indicators are designed with customization and synergy in mind, allowing traders to dial in, combine, and personalize their indicators according to their needs. Scalp traders, swing traders, and even investors looking for a good time to buy in and ‘HODL’ long term can all benefit from Chart Prime’s impressive trading suite.”

Using Vital Algo’s technology as a backbone, Chart Prime has launched a new product, featuring four intelligent indicators with many impressive new features, including:

  • Peak seeker V2.0 – Unlike a typical lagging indicator, this algorithm is Chart Prime’s secret sauce. The peak seeker has the uncanny ability to perform a full-fledged market analysis by searching for a laundry list of technical markers. This indicator is programmed to give traders optimal entry points before major reversals occur, rather than waiting for a new trend to be established.
  • Pattern detection – Chart Prime’s pattern detection feature is programmed to accurately detect wedges, triangles and channels that may slip under your radar. In the future, Chart Prime will add the ability to extrapolate breakout targets, in addition to many other patterns and harmonics.
  • Trend detection – By reverse engineering the “buy and sell” signals that the industry leading trading indicator services use, Chart Prime provides users with more utility. Traders can choose from trend mode, reversal mode, or both modes at once. These indicators can be customized to accommodate various trading frequencies.
  • Dynamic support and resistance – Chart Prime’s complex support and resistance algorithm automatically plots your support and resistance lines for you, dynamically changing according to areas of high support and resistance.
  • External equity market influence indicator – Understanding that cryptocurrency markets are inextricably linked to traditional equity markets such as NASDAQ and S&P 500, Chart Prime has created an algorithm that takes this into consideration to produce external market “buy” and “sell” pressure warnings on any crypto trading pair. This allows traders to keep their finger on the pulse of activity that is affecting crypto price action.
  • Correlation strength dashboard – Chart Prime’s dashboard indicator gives traders the direction and strength of key correlations between certain assets, helping guide them in trading decisions. This dashboard takes assets, indices and communities into consideration.
  • Chart Prime’s custom oscillator – Marrying some of the most prominent and dependable oscillators on the market, Chart Prime’s oscillator gives traders an edge on the competition. This shows divergences that go undetected on traditional indicators like the MACD and the RSI, as well as showing overbought and oversold signals that are not apparent on other traditional oscillators.

Traders interested in Chart Prime can sign up now through May 31, 2022 to receive a 25% discount on a monthly membership.

About Chart Prime

Chart Prime is a trading indicator service with a mission to provide everyday traders with the useful tools they need to improve their skills. Specializing in crypto, stocks and commodities, Chart Prime’s robust and intelligent technology help serious traders gain the edge they need over the competition. Chart Prime offers its comprehensive services for a low monthly fee.


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