Trading Platform Exchange DECOIN Attracts $4 Million During Private Sale

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by Alexandra Sayapina · 3 min read

The soft cap for the platform is already achieved, the hard cap of $30 million is still to be hit. This is an ambitious goal, but the project which offers crypto credit cards and revenue redistribution among token owners is likely to succeed.

New crypto exchange and trading platforms appear almost every day. Many projects are not able to stand up to competition, but the ones that stay on the market usually bring some innovative solutions and contribute to the overall progress of the sphere.

It is not that easy to say whether the new crypto exchange is to succeed as every project claims to use innovative technological solutions and spend lots of time on marketing issues. In such an environment one of the most trustworthy characteristics of a project is its success in ICO.

DECOIN is a Blockchain-Based Exchange & Trading Platform which is now in process of private sale. The platform has chosen a great way to attract investors: the revenue is redistributed among token holders. The strategy combined with a number of progressive technological solutions has paid off:  DECOIN has already achieved its soft cap.

CEO Shay Perry shared his feelings on the situation: “We are excited about reaching the soft cap of $4,000,000. The support of the community has been fantastic and we will soon announce further developments in the project.”

This support of the crypto community is a great indicator of the quality of the platform. Indeed, the DECOIN Trading and Exchange Platform (DTEP) has announced a number of solutions that could not come unnoticed. The platform’s blockchain is based on a proof-of-stake algorithm, DECOIN has done its best to achieve the high level of transparency and security, live 24/7 support comes as an added bonus.

The platform is not limited to any specific region: multi-lingual Online Customer Service is ready to help with trading in cryptocurrencies, CFD’s, Forex and commodities. One more feature of the project that has driven attention of experts and users is various types of credit cards with different benefits.

The soft cap is already achieved and that means that the development of DTEP will continue. The plans are ambitious but realistic: the platform will be launched in about half a year.

This time is needed not only for the technological development – DECOIN is taking the regulatory issues seriously. In 6 months the company is expected to get the license from the Monetarian Authority of Singapore.

DECOIN is also working on its DECOIN Crypto Index (DCI). Indices have proven to be effective financial tools for the traditional markets and they can play a big role in enchasing the attractiveness of crypto investment.

The scope of DCI is expected to widen in the nearest future: the analysts of DECOIN thoroughly study and evaluate new crypto projects to find the most promising opportunities for investors.

The initial stage of token sale is extremely important for a blockchain-based project. Mentioning in press, support from experts, followers on social media are important, but if people are not ready to invest in your project its future is at risk. DECOIN has successfully passed this test and is ready to achieve new goals.

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