Transak Fiat on Ramp Provider is Integrated into the 1inch Wallet

Place/Date: - April 28th, 2022 at 2:00 pm UTC · 2 min read
Source: Transak

Transak Fiat on Ramp Provider is Integrated into the 1inch Wallet

Thanks to the integration, users are getting more options for buying tokens for fiat.

As part of its strategy of offering users more fiat-to-crypto exchange options, the 1inch Network is happy to announce the integration of Transak, a fiat on ramp aggregator, into the 1inch Wallet.

Sergej Kunz, 1inch Network co-founder, comments:

“The addition of Transak as another fiat on ramp provider enables users to choose from a wider variety of tokens on more networks available to be acquired for fiat.”

He goes on to say:

“Meanwhile, the integration of Transak comes as part of the 1inch Network’s wider strategy of connecting more fiat payment options. As more providers will gradually be added, the 1inch Network will eventually become an aggregator of fiat gateways, as well.”

Sami Start, CEO and co-founder of Transak, says:

“Our partnership with 1inch continues Transak’s mission of making it easier for businesses to onboard customers and facilitate digital payments using either established fiat currency or cryptocurrency. We choose promising partners like 1inch to continue to provide support for the most DeFi assets on the market.”

Co-founded by Yeshu Agarwal and Sami Start in 2019, Transak aims to make it easier to connect money and data to users’ blockchain wallets.

Stay tuned for more exciting news about 1inch integrations and collaborations!