Trezor Users Suffered from Phishing Attack

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Trezor Users Suffered from Phishing Attack
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Trezor claimed that MailChimp had confirmed that the service was compromised by an intruder troubling crypto firms.

Trezor, one of the most trusted crypto hardware wallet firms, has admitted to the reports of an alleged phishing attack this weekend.

In a tweet from the firm’s official handle on Twitter, the company verified the news and promised an investigation of the possible data breach of an opt-in newsletter supported on MailChimp. The company also suggested against opening any emails from the sender address “[email protected]”. The data infringement might have jeopardized users’ email addresses and subsequent individual information.

On April 3rd, multiple users started posting on the Crypto Twitter community about the undergoing email phishing ambush, particularly sending out mails to Trezor subscribers using registered email IDs.

Trezor, in a subsequent post, claimed that MailChimp had confirmed that the service was compromised by an intruder troubling crypto firms. Trezor added that as a company, they were working on identifying the number of email addresses associated with this. The company will not be disseminating information through the newsletter furthermore, till the scenario is settled. They have also advised users to not open any emails from Trezor and to make sure that they were utilizing anonymous email ids for crypto-related activities.

In the still-continuing invasion of privacy, several unverified and illegal entities have been reaching out to the users as the organization itself. They aim to illicitly rob the capital by deceiving unaware investors. As a specific section of the cyber ambush, users woke up to a that asked them to download the application from the domain, while the original domain of Trezor is called the

In the wee hours of the ambush, the company officials at Trezor believed that the alleged ambush was directed to the email addresses that chose to receive the newsletter. The newsletter was supported by an American email marketing service provider called Mailchimp. As the company dives deep into the issue of lost or robbed email addresses, customers are strictly suggested to not select any links that originate from unverified sources till announced otherwise.

This is not the first time crypto organizations have been targeted and robbed by hackers and people involved in malpractices in cyberspace. Recently on March 19th, New Jersey-based crypto-financial establishment BlockFi immediately acknowledged and verified a data violation to caution the investors about the most likely occurrence of phishing emails. The hackers allegedly acquired entry into the BlockFi clientele’s information supported on Hubspot, which is a customer relationship management platform.

In a statement by BlockFi, it was confirmed that an unwarranted party acquired access to a specific space that contained crucial information about the company’s client base. The company also passed on the information that personal data like passwords and government-issued IDs were never saved on the application. This came as a giant relief to many BlockFi users.

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