Tron CEO Justin Sun Seems to be Unwilling to Give Promised Tesla Away

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Tron CEO Justin Sun Seems to be Unwilling to Give Promised Tesla Away
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Tron’s CEO Justin Sun provided the winners of his giveaway with a cash equivalent instead of Tesla cars. But the amount is lower than the real price.

Tron community has always been known for its high activity, nevertheless, over the past few months, its members have managed to go beyond themselves. And it was not groundless. Tron’s CEO Justin Sun has announced a giveaway of Tesla car (but something has gone wrong).


Let us remind the key points of the situation. As Coinspeaker has reported Justin Sun informed the followers of his Twitter account that he was planning to launch a $20 million airdrop and to give away a free Tesla automobile. Such unbelievable generosity was explained by the company’s desire to celebrate the new achievements of its blockchain: the addition of Tether’s USDT on TRON and BitTorrent.

To become a participant of this event it wasn’t required to do something extraordinary. It was just enough to follow Sun’s account and retweet the post. A winner was said to be selected randomly from all the participants.

But then some strange things started to happen. The first Tesla draw was run by Justin Sun in mid-March. A Twitter user named @uzgaroth was selected to be a winner but it turned out that he would never receive his electric car as Sun decided to relaunch the lottery to show more transparency.

Nevertheless, @uzgaroth got at least something, he obtained a fully-paid return ticket to the niTROn 2020 event. And it’s not so bad but do not forget that initially it was promised that he would get a Tesla car. However, Sun explained the situation saying that the failure had happened due to technical issues.

But it’s not the end of the story, later, another ‘Tesla winner’ named Lee Huynh was presented to the community.

What Goes Wrong

Following the criticism, Sun promised to give Tesla cars to both winners. But just yesterday, the CEO informed that he would replace the prize with USD-equivalent to the Tesla cars for both of the winners.

So, neither of them will become the owner of the promised Tesla. Instead of this prize, they have got a so-called ‘Tesla cash equivalent’ totaling $28,000.

Such a situation caused a wave of negative reaction from the side of the community. Just after the news was revealed, Twitter users started to comment the thread pointing out that the prize offered by Sun is not a Tesla as it had been promised and the amount of money given was not equivalent to the price of the car. As the price for Tesla Model 3 actually starts at $36,000, the  ‘cash equivalent’ is $8,000 shorter than it should be.

But it’s also worth mentioning that one of the winners Lee Huynh has disclosed that he is not going to buy Tesla and being very grateful to Justin Sun has already decided to convert his prize into TRX. At least such information has been provided by him in his tweet.

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