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Tron’s Sun Network to Go Live This May Along With the DAppChain

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by Bhushan Akolkar · 3 min read
Tron’s Sun Network to Go Live This May Along With the DAppChain
Photo: TRON Foundation / Twitter

Next month, Tron Foundation will launch its Sun Network in a bid to enhance the overall performance of the Tron network. The solution includes development of “cross-chain infrastructure” and DApp sidechains.

The Tron blockchain network known for developing smart contract-enabled decentralized applications (dApps), is all set for further expansion. On Monday, April 8, the Tron Foundation announced that it will launch its second-layer scalability solution, the Sun Network, the next month.

The Sun Network expansion plan includes the development of “cross-chain infrastructure” as well as the DApp sidechains. Besides, the Sun Network will enhance the overall performance of the Tron network. It will also improve the overall efficiency of smart-contract execution and network transactions. Tron founder Justin Sun made the announcement on Monday, April 8.

Note that in the next month, Tron is only launching the testnet and not the mainnet for the Sun Network. The official launch of the mainnet network is likely to take place ahead this year in August 2019.

Tron’s DAppChain Significance

The launch of a Tron DAppChain will be one of the most upgrades to the Tron network. Called as the DApp “sidechain expansion project”, it aims to significantly enhance the capacity of DApps running on the Tron blockchain network.

The major purpose behind launching DAppChain is to allow users to “run dApps with extremely low energy consumption, high security, and efficiency.” Tron founder Justin Sun stated that the DAppChain introduction will occur in three different phases. This will ensure that users of the DAppChain undergo a seamless UX/UI experience and thoroughly test the platform before it goes into production.

  • In the first phase of the DAppChain launch, the focus will be “on supporting sidechain-based smart contracts, realizing the unlimited expansion” of the mainnet. Also, the DAppChain launch will further ensure the security of user assets on the network.
  • The second and third phase involves making essential improvements to the DAppChain software codebase. Also, these improvements will be done based on the user-feedback after running the testnet.

Additional Tron Projects Ahead This Year

Tron founder Justin Sun has recently hinted that they are all set to collaborate with the Ethereum network ahead this year. Sun was quoted saying “in the future, we will even collaborate with lots of the Ethereum developers, and also the enterprises built on Ethereum before if we make the industry better.”

Getting further optimistic about this collaboration, Sun stressed:

“I think that even within this year we will see Tron officially collaborate with Ethereum, and will be something good for the industry”.

Both Tron and Ethereum are major competitors when it comes to developing decentralized applications (DApps). However, Sun believes that their coming together will be healthy for the overall crypto industry.

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