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Tron Officially Launches Its SideChain Scalability Solution ‘The Sun Network’

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by Bhushan Akolkar · 3 min read
Tron Officially Launches Its SideChain Scalability Solution ‘The Sun Network’
Photo: TRON Foundation / Medium

The Sun Network expansion plan includes the developments of TRON DApp sidechains along with other cross-chain infrastructure developments.

The team behind the TRON blockchain has been working hard to introduce scalability improvements and several other features. TRON wants to get the leading edge in the crypto ecosystem by providing scalable DApps and smart contracts solutions while its major competitor Ethereum has been struggling over it over the last year.

In April, TRON officially announced the upcoming launch of its new Sun Network, a decentralized applications sidechains scalability solution. The Sun Network Expansion plan comprises of DApp sidechains along with other cross-chain infrastructure plans. TRON founder Justin Sun said:

” The Sun Network will further expand the overall capacity of TRON network, improve the overall TPS and smart contract execution efficiency of TRON.”

The DAppChain Expansion Project

DAppChian is the name assigned to TRON’s DApp sidechain expansion project. The project is likely to substantially increase the capacity of TRON’s DApps. Besides, it will also focus on other customizable ways to run DApps with better efficiency, high security, and low energy consumption.

There are three phases for the execution of DApp’s sidechain project.

  1. Launched last month on May 30, 2019, the first phase focuses on the unlimited expansion of the TRON Mainnet. Besides, it also focuses on supporting the sidechain smart contracts along with the guarantee of asset security.
  2. The second phase, scheduled on August 30, will look after further decentralization and asset security of the TRON network. Additionally, it will also support the community for the sidechain ecological construction.
  3. The third phase implementation, scheduled on September 15, will facilitate easy deployment and integration of sidechains.

In its recent blog post, the TRON Foundation has given complete details with the set up of the DAppChains and other things.

During the first half of 2019, the TRON network has found huge success with the TRX adoption among the existing DApps. The Sun Network focuses on following the cutting-edge developments of the industry while introducing new features and addressing issues related to scalability.

The sun Network will facilitate faster transactions and ensure better user experience for TRON investors and users. Besides, it will also facilitate higher accessibility and liquidity of the network.

Other Areas of Focus

TRON’s growing dominance in the DApps segment is helping the platform to further consolidate its strong position in the market. The TRON DApps have also ensured a higher adoption of the TRX cryptocurrency as well as the smart contracts on the platform.

Moreover, TRON’s App activity and currency adoption are also targetting areas of blockchain-based gaming and gambling. This is because gaming and gambling DApps usually drive high trading volumes on the platform.

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