Opera Browser Adds Bitcoin Payments and TRON Integration to Its Android app

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Opera Browser Adds Bitcoin Payments and TRON Integration to Its Android app
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Opera allowed Bitcoin payments in its Android app. And TRON joins Bitcoin and Ethereum as the only third crypto network to be featured in the Opera browser.

Opera, a mobile and desktop browser developer, has enhanced the functionality of its Android app. Now its Android users will get an opportunity to conduct Bitcoin transactions directly from its built-in digital wallet.

“Most people have heard of bitcoin and thus we saw it as important to support it and make this feature more familiar to a larger group of people,” in such a way Charles Hamel, Head of Crypto at Opera, explained their new initiative.

Moreover, Opera has announced that it launched its TRON wallet integration. This means that 350 million opera users will easily transact TRX directly within the web browser, and to access TRON Dapps displayed on the built-in Dapps Store. TRON now joins the list of Bitcoin and Ethereum as the only third crypto network to be featured in the Opera browser.

The browser’s initiative to adopt the TRON network will skyrocket universal access to decentralized applications and offers smartphone consumers with reliable access to a variety of apps that are available outside the Google’ Play Store, iOS App Store. Besides being the go-to crypto platform, TRON is the most popular Dapp platform supporting different trading, gambling, and gaming apps.

The decentralized blockchain for TRON features low-cost transactions, high throughput, and reduced restrictions to entry have attracted millions of first-time users to cryptocurrency. The Opera’s presence will further push these advantages to increase international users, while also displaying the unlimited versatility of blockchain. Between Opera, BitTorrent, and TRON, the firms will accommodate listed Dapps and access for millions of active everyday consumers all over 120 nations.

According to Justin Sun, BitTorrent CEO and TRON founder:

“Opera is one of the most important software companies in the world. They are bringing security, privacy, and dynamic cryptocurrency capabilities to hundreds of millions of users. We are proud to connect the largest, active blockchain ecosystem to the best web browser ever built.”

Over the years, the web browser has branded itself as a top Web3 advocate and privacy proponent, with its platform including ad blocker, free VPN, private mode, and integrated messenger. Supports for TRON, Bitcoin, and Ethereum through digital wallet integration, as well as the Opera Dapps Store, have so far supported this objective.
In fact, out of all existing web browsers, Opera is the first major one to introduce a crypto digital wallet, allowing crypto transactions to be safely conducted on websites within the mobile browser directly. Opera browser desktop version (Developer edition) bolsters crypto assets. Opera’s Crypto Wallet also reinforces non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

About Opera

Opera is a worldwide web browser innovator. The tech firm is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and featured on the NASDAQ stock exchange (OPRA). Over 350 million individuals globally use the browser’s fintech solutions and news products as the trusted choice.

Founded by Justin Sun in 2017, TRON is determined growing the decentralization of the internet via blockchain technology as well as decentralized applications. Over the years, the firm has achieved numerous achievements such as TRON Virtual Machine launch, network independence, and MainNet launch. July last year also marked recorded the ownership of BitTorrent, a starter in decentralized services boasting about 100M monthly active consumers.

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