Trump Wants to Start Reopening U.S. Economy before May 1

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Trump Wants to Start Reopening U.S. Economy before May 1
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Trump wants to reopen the country already in the nearest future but all people in the U.S. still should exclusively follow strict social distancing guidelines at least through the end of April.

United States President Donald Trump said that he is ready to complete a plan to end the coronavirus shutdown and reopen the economy with some parts of the country. And this plan is likely to be ready to go before May 1.

Trump actually said he would “authorize” governors – in spite of the experts’doubts that the president has such powers. He actually stated he will implement plans in the U.S. states at the appropriate time (whatever that means). He added he would speak to all 50 governors about the plan, probably on Thursday by video conference.

Trump’s coronavirus task force confirmed that all people in the U.S. should exclusively follow strict social distancing guidelines through the end of April. Opening some states before that would go against the guidelines in their current form.

Trump Feels Pressure Because of Elections

Let’s just remind you that Trump is facing re-election on November 3 and is pretty much under pressure to get the economy going again after millions have been made jobless by the shutdown, said some states should be able to reopen soon, based on a low rate of infections.

He stated:

“We think that some of the governors will be in really good shape to open up even sooner. Others are going to have to take a longer period of time.”

He also added that his hopes were going towards reopening the economy by Easter in mid-April, “but the mounting toll of infections and projected deaths forced him to extend federal guidelines for 30 days to the end of April. Some medical experts question whether the country will be ready by then.”

Let us also remind you that “signore perfecto” yesterday instructed his administration to halt the country’s funding of the World Health Organization (WHO). He said funds will be temporarily stopped while the situation is further investigated, citing failure to ensure timely and accurate sharing of information as the reason for the decision.

Noone Is Good Enough for Trump

After some people decided to say something against, well guess what, he went again and harshly criticized New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo after the latter said that Trump doesn’t have the authority to order the resumption of economic activities on a state level. President also asserted that he has provided all necessities to fight the coronavirus in the states.

“We don’t have a king. We have a president,” Cuomo stated earlier, adding that the 10th Amendment to the Constitution does not support Trump’s claims of “ultimate authority” in these situations.

Also, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went on by claiming the nation still lacks medical supplies needed for the country’s fight against the COVID-19 outbreak.

In a letter sent to colleagues, she criticized the actions made by the Trump during the crisis, accusing him of referring to the pandemic as a “hoax,” after he was allegedly alerted about the dangers of the situation, which he reportedly disregarded.

We will just add that one of the world’s greatest philanthropists billionaire Bill Gates also commented that the world needs the World Health Organization (WHO) more than ever amid the coronavirus, indirectly slamming Trump for halting funding to the organization.

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