TSLA Stock Down 0.3%, Elon Musk Confirms Tesla 7-Seater Model Y Will Be Ready in 2020

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TSLA Stock Down 0.3%, Elon Musk Confirms Tesla 7-Seater Model Y Will Be Ready in 2020
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It has become known that Tesla Model Y with 7 seats will probably become available this year already. Meanwhile, TSLA stock price is down.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed on Twitter that the company’s compact SUV will offer a larger seating capacity. Tesla Model Y which is poised to commence delivery in the United States this year is a seven-seater, though there is an ongoing debate on the seating arrangement of the vehicle. The model which is not yet available in some countries such as Australia was launched globally in March 2019. The company has already commenced the delivery of a 5-seat model ahead of the scheduled March 2020 planned date. The U.S. deliveries commenced in August 2019, six months ahead of time.

Meanwhile, Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) stock lost 0.30% on Friday but managed to keep above $1000, being at $1,000.90. However, today in the pre-market, it is down another 0.29%, now its price is $998.

Rear-facing Third Row

There has been a debate on how the version will position the new seven-seat model with some insiders asserting that the extra two seats on the third row consist of two rear-facing seats meant for children. The details of the seven-seat version were not made known until a Twitter follower asked Musk about the timing of the release. “Hi Elon, when do you think the seven-seater model Y will start delivery? My biz partner ordered one for his wife and keep asking me,” wrote Twitter User Vincent to whom Musk responded.

The company said that model Y will have room for up to 7 adults and an additional third row. This was seen previously in its Model S hatchback described as a 5 + 2 with the additional two seats meant to carry children and facing backward.

Bigger Seats on Tesla Model Y

Last September, Musk confirmed that Tesla was bringing back the option though this time, the seat will be larger to accommodate all adults. The question now is whether the vehicle will comprise of 3-row layout or if the last row will comprise of smaller seats as seen with Model S.

Speaking about the seating arrangement of the proposed model, Tesla experts and critic Sandy Munro, stated in his Youtube video captioned “Teardown of the Model Y” that it is likely that the vehicle will have rearward-facing seats even though he did not specify if it will be for children or adults rather he said that it will be for kids and agile adults.

Musk is yet to comment on the controversy around the third-row seats. The Model Y and the older Model 3 are very similar in that 75% of their components are the same. This is a strategy employed by the company to reduce manufacturing costs.

Since its debut, the SUV has been reported to have some issues; customers complained of quality with a U.S. user claiming that some of the issues he had included scratches on the interior lining. He also mentioned faulty electric hatch and another scratch on the wheel. The YouTube video in which the customer detailed his displeasure has gained 200,000 views.

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