Social Media Giant Twitter Introduces Bitcoin Tips in Major Product Push

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Social Media Giant Twitter Introduces Bitcoin Tips in Major Product Push
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As part of the Tips feature, Twitter makes it easy to tip social media creators while paying in Bitcoin using the Strike Bitcoin Lightning Wallet.

On Thursday, September 23, social media giant Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR) introduced a new tipping feature “Tips” to pay favorite creators on social media. This is one of the major product pushes introduced by Twitter in recent times. Also, Twitter staff product manager Esther Crawford said that the feature will first appear on Apple’s iOS. Very soon, it will also be available on Android devices. Furthermore, the Bitcoin tips option will also link with other third-party apps like Venmo, Cash App, Patreon, etc. Explaining the tips feature further, Crawford wrote:

“People already drop links to their payment profiles in their bios and in their Tweets. Tips makes this easier to do, offering one fixed spot, right on your profile, where you can link to your Cash App, Patreon, Venmo and other platforms where people can support you.”

Integrating the Strike Bitcoin Lightning Wallet

The most exciting thing for the crypto community is the ability to tip in Bitcoin. Strike, a payments application built on the Bitcoin Lightning Network, allows users to seamlessly send and receive Bitcoin. This allows users to seamlessly tip in BTC. Besides, Strike facilitates instant and free payment globally.

Currently, the Strike payments system is available in the US and El Salvador. People here can sign up for Strike accounts and add the Strike username to receive get Bitcoin tips over the Lightning network. Users can use any Bitcoin wallet for sending tips to someone’s Strike account. The announcement notes:

“We want everyone on Twitter to have access to pathways to get paid. Digital currencies that encourage more people to participate in the economy and help people send each other money across borders and with as little friction as possible – help us get there.”

After enabling Tips feature to the Twitter profile, users can add their Bitcoin addresses. People can copy this address and paste it into a Bitcoin wallet to send money.

Twitter Testing Support for NFT Authentication

Furthermore, Twitter plans aren’t just limited to Bitcoin tipping. One of the Twitter spokespeople also stated that the NFT authentication will come in the form of a badge. This badge will appear on the profile picture making the NFT authentic. Speaking about it Crawford said:

“We’re excited to soon explore NFT authentication. It’s a way to support creators making this art with a stamp to demonstrate authenticity. By allowing people to directly connect their crypto wallets, they can track and showcase their NFT ownership on Twitter.”

She added: “We’re interested in basically just making it visually clear that this is an authenticated avatar and then give you some interesting info and insight about the provenance of that NFT.”

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