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Twitter Users Can Now Trade NFTs via Tweets

UTC by Sanaa Sharma · 2 min read
Twitter Users Can Now Trade NFTs via Tweets
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The new update, which is still in the beta stage of examination, presently functions with four marketplaces.

Twitter has announced a new update on its platform: users can now purchase and sell Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) instantly via tweets in collaboration with four additional marketplaces.

NFT Tweet Tiles, which is the name given to the integration, expresses the creativity of an NFT in a specified forum within the tweet. It also comprises a regulator that allows customers to click through to a marketplace listing.

The new update, which is still in the beta stage of examination, presently functions with marketplaces from four particular associates: Solana-centric marketplace Magic Eden, multi-platform NFT marketplace protocol Rarible, Flow Blockchain developer Dapper Labs, and sports-centric medium

The Tweet Tiles will improve links to some specific non-fungible token marketplaces. The novel characteristics enable users to comprise a link to an NFT on an external website. It also extends to a full-size portrait of the NFT, plus metadata along with a link to the location of its respective marketplace.

Out of all these markets, Rarible is touted as extremely influential with $432,000 of NFTs traded in the previous week. All the marketplaces recognized the inclusion of the new feature, calling it an altogether different experience in NFTs.

A couple of months ago, Twitter examined the Tweet Tiles attribute with 3 newspaper agencies: The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Guardian. The feature was then leveraged to build on news articles, not NFT-related posts.

In totality, these marketplaces are spread over many blockchain networks that comprise Ethereum, Solana, Flow, Polygon, and Tezos. A Twitter mouthpiece mentioned to Decrypt that the feature is blockchain-agnostic, so all the networks are backed as long as the links are through a collaborative marketplace.

Having said that, the feature is presently being examined by some selected Twitter users on iOS and the web. These accounts will be able to witness the NFT Tweet tile integration if they are a part of the test group. A Twitter Blue premium subscription is, however, not needed to utilize the feature.

Twitter had also initially backed NFTs as verified profile pictures via its Twitter Blue subscription procedure in January, but now only facilitates Ethereum NFTs.

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