UnicornGO: the First Dapp Game on the EtherZero Network with Free Transactions

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UnicornGO: the First Dapp Game on the EtherZero Network with Free Transactions
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Meet UnicornGO – an online game wherein users can buy, sell, exchange, upgrade, breed and clone mythical unicorns taking advantage of free transactions and possibility to raise money just having fun.

Gaming industry goes ahead as well as the blockchain technology does. The release of a CryptoKitties created a huge mess in 2017 when the Euthereum network couldn’t function properly due to the buyers’ hype.

Those were times when transaction confirmations had waiting times of more than 24 hours, with the effective price of gas up to $10. As no measures, which were awaited to be done by Vitalik Buterin so that the network bandwidth would be allowed to increase, were implemented since then, Chinese geniuses created EtherZero to provide users with free real-time transactions achieved by implementing the PoS algorithm.

EtherZero can fairly be called free Ethereum designed for Dapps. 0.1 ETZ and one’s wallet is enough to start using free EtherZero network transactions.

Owing to EtherZero blockchain, now UnicornGO is the first Dapp game to have instant and free transtactions. However, the elements of classical fantasy, cyberpunk, a piece of the Middle Ages and motifs of popular science fiction series are something more to differ UnicornGO from other cryptogames.

Much attention was paid to the quality animation, interface and mechanics of the game, and professional team created unicorns with 2 DNA strands and 36 chromosomes. In a mobile version of the game for android, a user faces the possibility of buying land and titles.

At the nearest update players can place bets and compete against each other in tournaments using their unicorn’s characteristics such as strength, agility, speed, charisma and intelligence, or even join clans. To profit, one can breed unique ones with rare parts.

Next step is their demonstration. The internal currency CandyCoin is the main tool for exchange in the game’s in-game economy. It is the basic and only project token. The total supply is 12,000,000 million units, which are registered on the protocol of the blockchain in the network EtherZero.

Game actions occur instantly in real time, without waiting for confirmation of transactions by the network. There are unicorn cards providing a player with the opportunity of leaving comments to communicate with others, what can also be done in a chat of the game.

UnicornGO is going to attract blockchain and crypto enthusiasts as well as a wide progressive audience who is eager to try it.

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