Gaming and Crypto in 2020: Growing Popularity

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Gaming and Crypto in 2020: Growing Popularity
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The year 2020 has been full of blockchain game launches that widened the horizon for gamers and crypto users alike.

Crypto has indeed grown to be a popular digital asset among people. Aside from its undeniable potential to be a great investment and a useful form of transaction, crypto users have also found themselves hooked with how much fun they can actually get with the use of crypto.

Gaming attracts people of all ages. As crypto has proven itself to be a nice companion to online playing sites like bitcasino, people have discovered that games are also a nice reason to be invested in crypto. This is because of the fact that winning in games can actually reward you with additional crypto coins that you may easily add to your digital wallet.

With that, let us take a look at how crypto and gaming are interconnected to one another. Also, guide yourself through a shortlist of blockchain games that you may enjoy in your free time! 

How Crypto Is Used on Games

Aside from the formal uses that had made crypto more normalized, game developers may have seemed to discover a way to attract more users. Generally speaking, people love to play games as it takes the stress away while immersing you into a new world inside your gadgets.

People have been very much drawn to improving their characters’ strengths and items just to have better chances of winning more prizes and thus become a successful player with a record full of victories. As the prizes won on games are just available online and are not useful in real life, game developers tweaked their game rewards a little bit.

By making blockchain games, they can now be played with different forms of crypto. Aside from being fun, the best part about these games is the fact that the prizes which players can win are crypto coins which can definitely be used outside the game.

Popular Crypto Games of 2020 

By being decentralized, no other mediators are required to stand in the way between game developers and crypto users. With the help of blockchain technology, in-game prizes are now seen to be more useful as they can now be traded or sold depending on how the player wishes to do so.

The year 2020 has been full of blockchain game launches that widened the horizon for gamers and crypto users alike. With that, here is a shortlist of some games which you should definitely check out! 

Age of Rust 

Developed by SpacePirate Games, this game has continued evolving since 2017 so it can always provide something exciting for its users. The game used to have its own Rustbits cryptocurrency which runs under a Bitcoin-based network. Now, the game is a part of the Enjin coin multiverse of games which is based on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The game is now a 3D open-world game that introduces some combat missions. Aside from that, it heavily focuses on exploration and puzzle-solving.

Blankos Block Party

Similar to the popular crypto game called ‘CryptoKitties’, Blankos Block Party is also a collectible game that was developed by Third Kind Games. Having been released by the U.S. blockchain game platform Mythical Games, the game is built on the EOS blockchain and is believed to be compatible even with Ethereum. 

Here ‘Blankos’ are vinyl toys which inhabit an upbeat world that is just filled with tons of good times. Despite not being launched yet, the game is widely anticipated by users as it is expected to be a party MMO for PC and Mac.

Gods Unchained

Fuel Bros’ free-to-play TCG successfully pre-sold in 2019 and may actually be the first big blockchain game of 2020. With the help of Ether, the game lets its players be involved in buying and selling blockchain cards that may be used in building out one’s deck. The game also enables its players to make use of a set of non-blockchain cards and some weekly specials.

So far, this game already has an esports tournament called the Gods Unchained World Championship that has a pool prize of $400,000. 

The Sandbox 

Similar to Minecraft and Roblox, The Sandbox is a game that enables its players to make a world of their own. As a user-generated content platform, players can build objects and use them across the vast world provided in the game.

With a 3D voxel editor for creation, an item marketplace for trading, and a sandbox environment, players can buy LAND NFTs that represent land in their virtual world.

The Six Dragons

This game is an open-world RPG that allows its players to explore, create, and use over 300 blockchain-based game assets. Here, players can create their own powerful characters that may either be wizards, warriors, or clerics. Despite being a single-player game, players can also form groups of five to work on quests altogether.

 So far, BlockPegnio, the game developer, is also considering adding options such as PvP battles and a multiplayer mode for two to four players.

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