United Crypto Mining Group Project Opens New Perspectives on Crypto Mining

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by Alexandra Sayapina · 3 min read

The project creates a ‘turn-key’ for miners all around the world. The company has a lot to offer: from renting the needed capacities to buying the equipment – and getting free placement on the farm.

The rise of cryptocurrencies has seriously influenced not only the political and financial spheres but the computer components market. The prices of the graphics cards have dramatically risen since the moment Bitcoin became a sensation. Lots of people all over the world have created mining farms to become cryptocurrency producers. The United Crypto Mining Group is bringing the mining experience to the new level.

The process of mining the cryptocurrencies is not as complicated as it may seem to be. The digital money is basically created by performing mathematical calculations. The requirements for a simple mining farm are not too high: an advanced video card and special software. However, the process may carry risks.

The electricity consumption of a mining farm is enormous. A recent research by Morgan Stanley shows that Bitcoin mining could use up more than 125 terawatt hours of electricity this year. That may not sound too dramatic – but just to state the starting point, all the Tesla cars n the world are expected to use less than 1.3 terawatt hours of electricity this year.

The home-made mining farms which are often created with a disregard of safety rules may become a reason for fires and other emergencies. They need constant attention and maintenance service. Working in this sphere requires deep understanding of the subject and professional skills. The mining farms are simply loud. But there exists a more effective solution for mining.

The United Crypto Mining Group (UCMG) project is creating a “turn-key” solution for crypto miners all around the world. The project provides crypto enthusiasts with provides a hosting service on the network farms.

The system solves all of the problems created by maintaining the farm at home. The UCMG project allows one to rent the needed capacities for mining. The project is working with over 10 cryptos including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

The UCMG project offers users different ways of using the platform. Renting the needed facilities is just one option out of many opportunities. The company welcomes the users who want to place their equipment on the farm. This service is free for all the UMCG customers: the equipment bought from the company will be placed on the farm for free.

The company is planning to use its own tokens on the platform. The UCMG tokens will provide their owners with multiple opportunities. The offer is generous – the token holders will be able to use the capacities of the UCMG farm without paying rent during next 5 years. One token is equal to ½ W of electricity consumed by the miner.

At the moment The United Crypto Mining Group is in the process of Pre-Sale which is to end on the 15th of April. The ICO is scheduled for the 16th of April and will last til the 27th of May.

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