Unmarshal Releases Game-Changer API Smart Contract Notification System

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Unmarshal Releases Game-Changer API Smart Contract Notification System
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Top blockchain data indexer and DeFi querying protocol Unmarshal announces the launch of its much-awaited Smart Notification APIs, an infrastructure that completely revolutionises smart contract communication with dapps.

Unmarshal is a multi-chain data indexing protocol that facilitates seamless access to on-chain data for DeFi applications data in several formats such as rich APIs, historical data, data streams, and now push notifications support for smart contracts. With its Smart Notification API, smart contracts and dApps can trigger real-time events happening on-chain across Ethereum, BSC and Polygon for Wallet Transactions, Protocol Positions, Trending Pairs, New Token Listings and more.

As the Web3 sphere is still evolving, the notifications system for dapps appears to be currently broken. This has hampered the faster adoption of blockchain dapps as compared to their mainstream counterparts. In DeFi, where users rely on speed to know the statute of their transactions, whether confirmed or not or even a notification system to drive higher participation in on-chain governance, the UX of most apps has not been particularly forthcoming on this part. With Unmarshals multichain API smart notifications, users can get notified instantly about the status of their transactions or wallet balances without having to wait on the applications. 

Dapp developers can easily integrate Unmarshal’s API to build more intuitive applications helping to drive more adoption for DeFi and blockchain solutions using re-engagement patterns such as simple push notifications to alert users of newer features or latest upgrades.  

A similar solution to Unmarshal’s Smart Notification API is the Ethereum Push Notification System (EPNS). Although EPNS offers dapp developers and other Web3 applications a simple wallet notification system and other push notifications services, Unmarshal has an edge over the EPNS. By design, it is a multi-chain solution that is already the preference of most developers within the blockchain space today. Most of the applications are willing to be chain agnostic supporting vivid chains especially with the composability and aggressive developments around inter blockchain communications. 

Unmarshal smart notification service is provided through “Firebase”, one of the most renowned cloud service providers. Projects and developers can even extend Unmarshal’s Smart Notifications API use case to simple bots on Slack and Telegram customised for their needs. 

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