Uphold Partners with Voxelus to Introduce New Voxel (VOX) Cryptocurrency

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Uphold Partners with Voxelus to Introduce New Voxel (VOX) Cryptocurrency
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New cryptocurrency, Voxel, will come to the market in the beginning of November.

Uphold teams up with Voxelus, one of the most well-known experts in virtual reality gaming, to come up with a new in-game digital currency called the Voxel (VOX).

It hasn’t been long since Bitreserve, one of the world’s largest bitcoin exchanges, was rebranded in Uphold. The company at once offered its customers a possibility to top up their accounts via bank (available for 33 European countries) or credit/debit card (30 countries so far) besides bitcoin.

It also revealed plans of expansion to some other locations by the beginning of 2016. Uphold strives to provide reliable, fair and free financial services without limitations all over the world. It states “making conversion and transaction in any form of money or commodity secure, easy and for free for anyone and anywhere” as its mission.

The first week of Uphold’s operation is marked by the first ambitious statement. It decided to announce a new cryptocurrency which will be created in cooperation with Voxelus and three bitcoin experts – Eric Voorhees (one of bitcoin’s first enthusiasts and founder of Shape), Michael Terpin (started BitAngels, Bitcoin Syndicate and bCommerce Labs) and Jim Blasko (partner at bCommerce Labs and founder of UnbreakableCoin).

Virtual reality gaming is a developing market which is predicted to go beyond $12 billion by 2020. Reliable in-game cryptocurrency was necessary for Voxelus to introduce 400,000 virtual reality animations, games and immersive worlds to the market.

J.P. Thieriot, Vice Chairman and Head of the Reserve & Investor Relations at Uphold, is looking back on his own experience of dealing with the Voxelus platform: “Having personally played around with the Voxelus platform for the past few weeks, I can tell you it’s incredibly impressive and highly addictive. There are a few memorable technologies ‘before and afters’ in a lifetime – the Walkman, the iPhone, maybe the Tesla… Once you’ve experienced VR – you’ll soon wonder how 10 year olds and gamers will ever be compelled to return to this reality! Certainly, a snapshot in an airplane 5 years from now will consist of a majority of passengers wearing plastic accoutrements teleporting them too far off lands.”

Voxelus platform really offers a wide range of opportunities for gamers. Even being unskilled they can create games and virtual spaces. The platform includes VoxelusCreator, VoxelusViewer and Voxelus Marketplace. The company’s Creator Software has been downloaded 22,000 times only for past several weeks.

The sale of VOX will be first available only for partners and cryptocurrency investors. It will come on the public market on November 2nd at sale.voxelus.com (minimal order is 100 Voxels).

Uphold is also planning to issue Uphold VOX Cards so that its customers will be able to buy VOX with bitcoin via bank or debit/credit card.

Thieriot talks about the partnership: “I’m immensely excited Voxelus has partnered with Uphold to power the future of VR digital assets. It’s an inkling of what’s to come. An Internet of Money is a place where every conceivable form of value — from today’s sovereign currencies and precious metals to commodities and virtual currencies to denominations we haven’t nearly thought of yet — are free to move around, convert, transact and be innovated into, in the same manner information of any color can behave on today’s Internet.”

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