Verizon Media Launches Personal Finance Site for Millennials Called Cashay

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Verizon Media Launches Personal Finance Site for Millennials Called Cashay
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Verizon Media, that is dedicated to transforming the way people stay informed and entertained, has announced the launch of a new site for generation Z. The site is called Cashay.

Verizon Media (a division of Verizon Communications) in its quest to capture the attention of millennials launched an entirely new site called Cashay. It is dedicated to inculcating millennials into the intriguing world of finance and make the tricky process look easy and seamless.

The new site will feature a mixture of content, including original stories from guest authors, editorial staff, over 400 collections from Financial Fitness Group, series from Yahoo Finance Team and a host of other exciting topics from professionals in and around the financial sector.

Verizon’s Cashay Is an Exciting New Concept

The idea behind the establishment of Cashay is to encourage millennials to stay financially healthy by learning investment tips, imbibe the attitude of saving and expose them to other relevant financial tips that may look tedious on television.

The four-person editorial team will create content that specifically fits around the age bracket of millennials and issues affecting them. Contents like ‘How three millennials spend and save $50,000 salary’’ will be rolled out frequently, contents on ‘’the amount of debt a college student considering various academic majors could take on for a reasonable payback period’’ and the likes will be adequately enumerated on the site.

Apart from the financial contents, the site also has four calculator tools (for credit card debt as well as mortgage, car and student loans) so users can calculate the potential monthly payment and adequately plan towards achieving the set goals.

Cashay Will Share Content Aimed at Generation Z

Over the years, publishers have tried to break the barrier by specifically targeting millennials but most couldn’t keep the momentum, and die an untimely death or merge with another publication. In October 2016, Vice launched its Vice Money title, which was later condensed into a vertical on

The quest to gain the attention of millennials is an unending one, as Coinspeaker in January reported that billionaire cryptocurrency enthusiast, Tim Draper has encouraged millennials to invest in Bitcoin while they can. Draper explained that it will be one of their greatest investments during their retirement age.

The Bitcoin billionaire encouraged the youths to look inwards, as the financial tips that worked for their parents won’t work for them because of the change in ideals, norms and the rapidly evolving economy.

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