Vertex Marketplace Launches The First Token Aftermarket

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by Alexandra Sayapina · 3 min read
Vertex Marketplace Launches The First Token Aftermarket
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The new marketplace goes far beyond providing users with the quality information on the upcoming ICOs. The opportunity to take part in private sales, discounts and reward programs are expected to attract both amateur investors and experienced professionals.

Crypto sphere has become a popular advanced alternative for investors. While successful cryptocurrency trading requires willingness to take big risks and lots of time that can be devoted to monitoring the market, the blockchain-based sphere has other options to offer. One of them is investing in ICOs. Supporting a promising project that can become a tech giant seems to be an intriguing idea. However, it is not that simple.

Over a thousand of ICOs have already been held in 2018; not to mention the cases of fraud and projects that did not manage to get to this stage.  Amateur investors can easily get lost in the variety of ICOs, and even skilled specialists in the sphere often prefer to have some kind of draft analysis to save time. The Vertex token market shrinks distances between the investors and successful ICOs. This marketplace developed by a team of private equity and venture capital investors significantly simplifies the process of investing.

One of the main attractions of the Vertex marketplace is the team of experts that works to the benefit of investors. The team of professional investors and international experts thoroughly reviews all the ICO tokens to select the best options to be presented to Vertex users.

Deep understanding of private equity and angel investing allows Vertex team to make balanced decisions. The platform’s expert customized traditional investing principles in order to correspond to the challenges of the crypto sphere. The results of analytical work will not only be available in the form of a list of ICOs. Users of the Vertex market will get access to exclusive digests and analytical reports on the tokens and ICOs featured in it.

Lots of Vertex’s rivals offer the ICO pre-screening and this feature is almost an obligatory component for a platform of the kind. Preferential prices, in turn, are a big deal for investors of any experience and intentions. Not only the best price is available to the users of the Vertex market but the early access to the most promising ICOs.

Every other ICO is preceded by private sale or pre-sale and the top projects usually get sold out. Most of average traders have no idea how to get into the list of the early investors. Vertex has solved this problem for its users. The marketplace will take part in pre-sales and private sales to bring the tokens to the first token aftermarket.  This process will allow users of the marketplace to take part in hot ICOs.

The marketplace is powered by the Vertex VTEX token. This utility token will be used for participating in the aftermarket. The company has decided to limit its supply so that the early investors will be able to make the most of VTEX token. Not only the demand for the token is expected to grow, the token owners will be able to get numerous rewards. The Vertex marketplace supports its own token by either giving a discount in the tokens they invest in or providing a return on the initial purchase of VTEX tokens.

Combination of traditional investment practices and deep expertise in the crypto sphere has led to developing a credible marketplace that can satisfy the requirements of both novice and experienced investors. Vertex is updating the ultimate investing experience by providing its users with a number of outstanding features like token aftermarket and discount programs.


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