Viberate Adds Venues and Events to Already Published 120K Musician Profiles

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Decentralized music database startup Viberate launches Venues and Events to accompany already published 120.000+ musician profiles.

Following their goal to list and map the entire global music industry, Viberate, Slovenia-based crowdsourced global live music ecosystem, has just added 50 thousand music venue profiles and more than 200 thousand event profiles to its crowdsourced database (surpassing initially planned 40000 for music venue profiles and 60000 for event profiles, according to the project’s whitepaper).

The company has already contained more than 120.000 musician profiles across all genres starting from the most famous musicians in the world like Robbie Williams ending up with small garage-bands.

Viberate is a true IMDB for live music where musicians’ profiles are rated basing on their popularity in the Internet. Musicians can either add their profiles or claim an existing one.

The platform’s primary goal is to offer musicians from all over the world the opportunity to set their profile and start offering gigs to event organizers in exchange for Bitcoin, Ether or their own token – VIBE (VIB).

The Differences Between Viberate and Other Blockchain-based Music Startups

It’s needless to say, that all of them try to solve problems today’s musicians are encountering on a daily basis. The main difference is that Viberate focuses on the live segment, whereas other services operate in the recorded music segment.

Vasja Veber, Viberate’s co-founder and COO, states in his blog:

We are not interested in the world of recorded music, royalties and copyright. It’s an interesting field and in definite need for help and we hope that our fellow founders in Musiconomi, Voise, Opus and others will give the massive recorded music market a much needed kick in the butt and let musicians make money again by producing good music.

What we are interested at is giving musicians an opportunity to charge for their gigs in cryptocurrencies. We want to do for music what Airbnb did for tourism.

In such a way if a musician wants to earn royalties for her new track, he or she goes to one of the aforementioned services. But if the main aim is to look for pubs to be booked and charged in Vibes for the performance fee, it’s wise to go to Viberate.

Another unique feature of the service is its ICO, as, unlike many ICOs in the market, Viberate already has the advantage of having a successful, fully functional platform. In other words, there are too many ideas (which sometimes have no potential to become profitable), which tend to raise crazy sums of money having no final product.

Viberate, in contrast, started preparing for the ICO after the launch of the current service because they, according to Mr. Veber, want people to contribute towards the development of something that already exists and has users.

To check out the potential and reasons for the project, please see the video above, where Founders and advisors of Viberate share their vision.

Viberate Token Sale

The developers hit yet another deadline, as venue profile launch was set before the company’s token crowdsale. Beginning on September 5, they intend to raise $12M from selling Vibe tokens to fund further development.

Viberate will offer a total of 120m VIBE tokens out of the total supply of 200m available. Viberate’s ICO will run for 30 days with the initial VIB token value set at 0.00025 ETH.

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