Watch Skins: Smartwatches Meet NFTs

July 14th, 2021 at 3:54 pm UTC · 2 min read

Lately, the world has witnessed an explosion of the NFT phenomena. These digital collectibles are products that exist in the virtual world, which people collect because of their beauty, utility, and any other value individuals attach to them. While the NFT industry is growing, some people may avoid it because of significant challenges. Some fundamental difficulties that the sector is grappling with include the challenges of understanding the blockchain, and digital items being challenging to display. This is where Watch Skins come in.

Besides their functional role, many people wear watches to showcase their social status. In recent years there has been massive adoption of smartwatches, which has caused increased demand for unique and customizable smartwatch content. Because of limitations in technology, the current market lacks provably authentic and scarce art, which is why the Watch Skins platform was developed.

The Watch Skins platform has created the first-ever NFT-based watch faces. NFT artworks are unique blockchain-certified pieces of art that can be traced to their origin and cannot be faked. By minting NFT watch faces, clients can be guaranteed that they are getting rare and authentic watch faces for their smartwatches. Additionally, Watch Skins eliminates the possibility of counterfeits, so brands retain their legitimacy and customer trust.

Watch Skins opens endless possibilities for wearable collectibles, and artists, collectors, and brands are all set to reap great benefits.

Watch Skins Application

The Watch Skins app allows users to buy, sell, trade, view, and enjoy their collections. The consumer application has various features, such as;

  • A straightforward onboarding for Mobile and desktop users
  • Customers can browse and pick the available watch face in the app
  • Display of the owner’s watch face collection, including purchase history, editions, licensor, and all other relevant information about the watch faces
  • Auction for trading or selling pre-owned watch faces
  • Ability to trade with other users from anywhere in the world

Together with its built-in crypto wallet – the Watch Skins Wallet, customers can enjoy a seamless experience when it comes to everything around the management of NFTs.