Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [June 23-29]

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Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [June 23-29]

Check out the report created by OK Blockchain Capital covering main trends of blockchain industry over June 23-29, 2018, with strong focus placed on the market overview, analysis of the newly listed and closed public sales projects, along with topical news on global governmental policies.

1. Market Overview

The past week’s daily average global market capitalization of cryptocurrency was $249.7 billion and the daily average transaction volume was $14.04 billion, indicating a decline of 11.83% and 14.73% respectively. The daily average market capitalization of the top five cryptocurrencies decreased by 10.63% from the previous week. Among the top five, BCH has experienced the greatest price decrease in the past week with a low of $651.21, a decrease of 16.18%.

Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [June 23-29]

Data source:coinmarketcap

Of the top 10 cryptocurrencies that increased, 70% of the tokens were of the vertical industrial application sector. Also, MIRQ of the cryptocurrency and payment sector experienced the greatest increase in price.

RankingProjectTokenFieldBrief descriptionTrading amount24hToken priceIncrease/7d
1MIRQMRQCryptocurrency and paymentMIRQ is based on AI and enables companies to communicate with users.$52,643.00$0.0469.30%
2ParagonPRGSupply chainParagon revolutionizes the supply chain tracking and payment issues in the hemp industry.$102,731.00$0.1154.18%
3SPINDLESPDAsset managementSPINDLE is a transparent and open asset management platform that allows users to invest directly with SPD.$378,306.00$0.0251.25%
4BitmarkBTMSocial networkBitmark is a reputation platform where users, services and products can gain reputation through the tagging process.$108,085.00$0.2548.02%
6SelfkeyKEYDigital identitySelfKey allows users to truly control and manage their digital identity and securely manage their cryptocurrency.$55,764,100$0.0137.82%
7SalPaySALAsset managementSalpay is an asset management platform with functions such as payment, transaction, budget, and credit.$204,057.00$0.0730.66%
8eBitcoinEBTCCorporate servicesIt provides companies with solutions such as payment and marketing.$197,508.00$0.0828.00%
9DascoinDASCCryptocurrency and paymentDasCoin is a currency used when oil futures are hedged.$170,276.00$0.1927.96%
10NANJCOINNANJConsumerismMainly for the purchase of tickets for sports events and related products.$177,790.00$0.0027.48%

Data source:coinmarketcap;retrieved at 11:00 on June 29th, 2018

2. Analysis of Top 200 Market Cap Projects

The market capitalization of top 200 projects decreased by 16.38% compared with that of last week. Based on the main categories of cryptocurrency and payment, public chain and protocol, vertical chain and protocol, and vertical industrial application, the vertical chain and protocol sector decreased the most, decreasing by 21.81%.

Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [June 23-29]

Data source: OK Blockchain Capital

Through further classification of the vertical chain and protocol, it was found that this week’s cloud service and A.I. verticals were on obvious increases at a rate of 19.24% and 7.19% while other verticals were on decreasing rates.

Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [June 23-29]

Data source: OK Blockchain Capital

3. Analysis of Newly Listed Projects

There were 10 new projects in the market last week (mainly of the gambling vertical under the vertical industrial application sector), 60% of which dropped in price within 24 hours of listing. Most of the newly issued tokens were listed on IDEX and Bibox.

                                                New Projects Categories Ratio                    New Projects Listed Exchanges Ratio            

Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [June 23-29]

Data source:Coinmarketcap、feixiaohao、OK Blockchain Capital analysis

Table 2. The newly listed projects

ProjectTokenFieldExchange PlatformInitial Listed Price$Current Price$24h Trading Volume$Launch Date
AuroraAOAPublic chain and protocolKucoin0.058170.036746,318,5006/26
TernioTERNPublic chain and protocolBitForex、Stellarport0.065040.06324473,4526/26
Origin SportORSGamblingOKEx0.14190.14541,920,6106/27
Distributed Credit ChainDCCAsset managementKucoin、IDEX、Bibox0.029650.029341,735,3506/28

Data source:Coinmarketcap, Feixiaohao

4. Analysis of Closed Public Sales Projects

There have been 23 closed public sales projects this week, totaling nearly 143 million USD. Among these projects, projects of the finance vertical received most funding.

Main categories of public sales project this week

Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [June 23-29]

Table 3. Closed public sales projects

ProjectTokenFieldPlatformSoft Cap (USD)
CoinadvisorCADVAsset managementEthereum300  ETH
Kasko2goK2GInsuranceEthereum3M EUR
 AfeliAEIE-commerceEthereum1000 ETH
eHarvestHubEHHSupply chainEthereum2M USD
SparesHubPRTSupply chainEthereum2M USD
RailzRLZPublic chain and protocolEthereum6200 ETH
KPR CoinKPRMedical insuranceEthereum21M USD
Valorem FoundationVLRAsset managementEthereum25M USD
PinkDatePDPSocial networkEthereum5M USD
UncloakUNCSecurityEthereum6M USD
TyperiumTYPEContent copyrightEthereum4.5M USD
EkkBazEKKE-commerceEthereum2000 ETH
ProperbuzXPZAsset managementEthereum20M USD
FluxorinTFTContent copyrightEthereum7M USD
AlehubALECorporate servicesEthereum13117 ETH
BuddTokenBUDDPaymentEthereum10M USD
Goods Digital PassportGDPNotary certificationEthereum1000 ETH
ERN TOKENERNContent copyrightEthereum11M USD
ZodiaqZODPaymentEthereum1.5M USD
ICOHeadStartMOATAsset managementEthereum11.7M USD

(Already raised)

JointlyJPTAsset managementEthereum10,000 EUR
DDTokenDDTAsset managementEthereum10M USD

(Hard Cap)

IagonIAGCloud serviceEthereum5000 ETH

Main data sources: Icobench、 Foundico、 smith and crown、icodata、 icodrops、coinschedule、icoadvert
Secondary data sources:Project websites

5. Important News on Global Governmental Policies this Past Week

Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [June 23-29]

6. Keeping Up with the Blockchain Giants

Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [June 23-29]

7. Hot topic of the week: Exchange Platform Mining

The former Huobi CTO Zhang Jian started Fcoin, a new exchange platform, and started a new wave of Exchange Platform Mining. The daily transaction amount of Fcoin 10 billion U.S. dollars, which is the sum of the trading volume of nine large exchanges. Its token FT was listed on May 24th, rising from $0.15 to a peak of $1.24. At the highest point, the price increased by 70 times.

Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [June 23-29]

Time: June 29, 2018, Beijing time 16:00, Data source: Fcoin official website

Transaction means mining. The exchange platform will return the transaction fee generated by the user on the platform in the form of an exchange platform currency, and the platform revenue will be distributed according to the proportion of the platform currency held by users. Specific return method: The exchange regularly converts the transaction fee incurred by the user on the exchange into platform currency. The price is calculated based on the average price of the platform currency during the period. 80% of Fcoin’s income will be allocated to FT holders on a regular basis in proportion to the holding of platform currency.

The upsurge of transaction rebates led to changes in exchange policies, and caused the larger exchanges to take action. On June 19th, OKEx announced the partnership of 100 exchanges to support the platform currency issued by each exchange and reward the trading users through the “transaction-mining” model. Eighty percent of each exchange’s revenue will be distributed to the platform currency holders as incentives, and 20% will be used for the operation of the exchange.

On June 21, Binance launched the “Open Plan for Digital Asset Exchange” and will open 1,000 spot in the first phase.


Upcoming Crowdfunding Projects June 30-July 6

ProjectTokenPublic offering launch datePublic offering close dateFieldToken QuantityPublic offering percentage*Hard cap
Boomstarter.NetworkBC2018/6/302018/7/14Asset management36M75%20M USD
StreamPaySTPY2018/6/302018/8/31Supply chain2M70%50M USD
SparksterSPARK2018/6/302018/7/3Cloud service57M67%


LBR2018/6/302018/7/31Human resources10B60%22M USD
TedchainTED2018/7/12018/7/31Game7B70%21.5M USD
Asset Allocation TokenAAT2018/7/12018/7/30Asset management27M60%27M USD
ArbitaoATAO2018/7/12018/7/17Asset management220M50%48M USD
Good GameGG2018/7/12018/8/26Game600M20M EUR
BlockonomicsBCK2018/7/12018/7/31Wallet100M10%10M USD
Cornucopia.ioHORN2018/7/12018/8/1Asset management250M80%15M USD
EXTRADECOINETE2018/7/12018/9/1Exchange platform token125M50%10M USD
DANSDANS2018/7/12018/8/30Advertising500M51%40000 ETH
LEXZOOMLXM2018/7/12018/7/31Asset management1.3B65%50M USD
PearlPayPRLPAY2018/7/12018/7/19Wallet500M35%175M PRLPAY
AencoAEN2018/7/12018/8/8Medical insurance4B15%60M USD
EngyoENGYO2018/7/12018/8/1Charity100M75%1500 ETH
moolyacoinMOOLYA2018/7/12018/7/30Corporate services1B48%25M USD
LuxxeumLXX2018/7/1Asset management9M67%4M USD
QuickX ProtocolQCX2018/7/12018/7/31Public chain and protocol500M50%29123 ETH
MidasMAS2018/7/12018/7/22Exchange platform toke500M50%18000 ETH
KryptoboyKBC2018/7/12018/7/15Lending4B50%375M USD
iRegMedIRM2018/7/12018/8/15Medical insurance200M60%15M USD
LEXZOOMLXM2018/7/12018/7/31Asset management1.3B65%50M USD
WINiotaWIT2018/7/12018/9/1Gambling1B60%24000 ETH
ARAWARAW2018/7/12018/7/31E-commerce500M70%25M USD
FluzcoinFFC2018/7/12018/9/15Payment3.223B66%212M USD
PingPaidPPD2018/7/12018/8/30Payment60M80%33M USD
UsechainUST2018/7/12018/7/7Public chain and protocol20B45%30.6M USD
CoinLaunchCOIN2018/7/12018/9/1Asset management1B29%
DeNetDNET2018/7/12018/7/15Data services1B70%24.5M USD
OPP Open WiFiOPP2018/7/12018/7/31Human resources4B3.55%40M USD
OfficiumOFC2018/7/22018/8/25Payment500M70%25000 ETH
QravityQCO2018/7/22018/7/16Content copyright1B50%
Impetus OneNUDGE2018/7/42018/8/3Advertising3.78B47%22,200 ETH
GAMBGMB2018/7/42018/7/31E-commerce1.75B35%30M USD
Lunch   MoneyLMY2018/7/52018/8/5Consumerism250M16%40M USD

*The ratio between public offering Token quantity and the total Token quantity of the project.
Main data sources Icobench, Foundico, smith and crown, icodata, icodrops, coinschedule, icoadvert
Supporting data source: websites of the projects

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