Weighs in on NFT’s and Digital Marketing

Place/Date: - November 30th, 2021 at 6:20 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: Digital Kings

The NFT industry is rapidly beginning to grow, owing in part to significant cash being injected into it and the value of the items becoming more public knowledge.

Most frequently, the NFT industry circulates via the use of social media. With 4.57 million people on social media as of 2020, it’s not difficult to see that a proper plan is required to connect with these potential sellers. This is where digital marketing rises to prominence, and individuals like Ramneek Sidhu have a strong relationship with the industry.

Sidhu approaches NFT marketing with open arms. These tokens, often operating exclusively in the digital world, require a firm base of operations and a strong marketing campaign to appeal to potential buyers properly and to connect with other like-minded individuals. As one of the leaders in the digital marketing industry, he is more than happy to begin leading the transition into the world of NFT marketing for digital marketing companies.

After all, this is the man behind the UAE-based digital marketing agency known as “Digital Kings.“ They bring full knowledge of the industry and the drive of their CEO to the service of any client that they work with.

As a man operating in a constantly changing digital industry, it is not surprising that Sidhu has elected to further his education and delve into the world of NFT marketing. For this CEO, the hustle to grow and develop is ongoing and a worthy reward.

The company and the CEO in question are both poised to use their vast network across Facebook and Instagram to start launching digital marketing campaigns to advertise NFT‘s properly. Considering that 89% of businesses have a social media account as of 2021, it is not surprising that there is a significant potential for digital marketing to improve the NFT industry.

The power of digital marketing should be evident to anybody who understands that the world is becoming increasingly digital. There will always be a need for companies prepared to offer services that cater to the broadest audience base available.

The passion present in Ramneek’s overall attitude towards life and his business is evident in his interviews. Take, for instance, this quote, which emphasises his commitment to his work:

“I was quite confident and determined about my passion and what I wanted. Determination is just like a moving train; it doesn’t stop for any reason until it reaches its destination. Every human needs to have this mentality of not stopping until something is achieved. There’ll definitely be obstacles and roadblocks, but how we react to these obstacles will determine how far we’ll go on the road to success.”

If the NFT industry has any chance of succeeding, it will need to form alliances with innovators and pioneers in the digital marketing industry. For the Digital Kings, this is a friendship that is welcomed and encouraged because it will allow them to provide excellent services and continue to expand their business across the world