Why Fantom (FTM) and Chiliz (CHZ) Users Are Eyeing Up Degrain (DGRN) Presale Token

Place/Date: - July 13th, 2022 at 7:05 pm UTC · 3 min read
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Why Fantom (FTM) and Chiliz (CHZ) Users Are Eyeing Up Degrain (DGRN) Presale Token
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Investors constantly seek new profitable ventures that can aid them in maximizing their profits over the long term, despite the current market downturn. Let’s explore this subject to see why users of Fantom (FTM) and Chiliz (CHZ) are interested in the Degrain (DGRN) presale token.

Fantom (FTM) – and Its Uncertain Future

Fantom (FTM) uses a brand-new consensus mechanism created from scratch to support Defi and associated services based on smart contracts. Compared to conventional proof-of-stake (PoS) algorithm-based systems, the Fantom (FTM) mechanism, called Lachesis, promises significantly larger capacity and two-second transaction finalization. The initiative appeals to developers seeking to implement decentralized solutions, much like Ethereum (ETH). As stated in its official documentation, Fantom’s (FTM) goal is to provide compatibility for all global transaction bodies.

Its proprietary proof-of-stake coin, Fantom (FTM), serves as the foundation for transactions and enables fee collection, staking, and the user benefits the latter activity represents. It has struggled in recent months, falling from a high of $3.46 and currently sits at $0.24. Time will tell whether Fantom can recover.

Chiliz (CHZ) – Has It Lost Its Heat?

The Malta-based FinTech company Chiliz (CHZ) is the market-leading decentralized digital currency for sports and entertainment. It runs the blockchain-based Socios sports entertainment platform, which enables people to take part in the management of their preferred sports companies. Fan tokens like Chiliz (CHZ) give sports teams and organizations a way to interact with their supporters and open up new revenue streams.

Through surveys and polls, for instance, supporters may engage and have a say in club choices about the messaging the captain should wear on his armband. Chiliz (CHZ) wants to eliminate the divide between active and passive fandom. At its peak, it reached a token price of $0.87, it has declined significantly and currently trades at $0.10. Experts believe Chiliz could recover in the next bull market and break the $0.34 level.

Degrain (DGRN) – Perhaps the Most Exciting New Protocol to Launch

Investors will be able trade across various blockchains NFTs thanks to a new platform in the sector called Degrain, because of its cross-platform capabilities. Industry leaders have already been quick to praise the innovation and potential of this new protocol to grow.

In the market for the new crypto investment platforms that are quickly winning over investors, Degrain has earned a solid reputation. Even Fantom (FTM) and Chilliz (CHZ) holders are now curious about this new enticing opportunity to invest in a revolutionary protocol.

Importantly, Degrain is restricting any venture capital investment, open only to the public during its ongoing presale and allowing investments of maximum $300,000. Cryptocurrency analyst, Josh Brewsker, believes that at its current price of $0.01, returns on investment could be up to 8,000 percent. We would have to agree and believe it could be one of the best investments this July, if not in all of 2022.

More information on Degrain: Website, Presale, Telegram, Twitter.

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