Will the New Blockchain-based Game CryptoBots Repeat the Success of CryptoKitties?

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by Alexandra Sayapina · 3 min read
Will the New Blockchain-based Game CryptoBots Repeat the Success of CryptoKitties?
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The hype around Cryptokitties inspired the creation of a game platform based on Ethereum smart contracts: kitties got replaced by unique bots that can take part in online battles.

Blockchain opened a whole new world for currencies. Decentralized technology which enables fast secure transactions created the top sensation of 2017. Still, the cryptocurrencies are often blamed for high volatility and unpredictability. Cryptocurrency trading is like playing in casino: you can never know whether luck is to change. But, just like in a good computer game, well-chosen strategy can lead you to success. Cryptocurrencies, casino and computer games have one more thing in common – their combination created one of the most popular blockchain project Cryptokitties. The success of which may be repeated by CryptoBots.

Cryptokitties set a new trend. Back in 2017 lots of people became obsessed with virtual kitties. The range of prices is tremendous: the cheapest kitty is only about half a dollar while the very first kitty made its owner $247,000 poorer. The project which seems to be pure fun made its way to the top: at the moment the approximate transaction volume is about $11 million. It became so popular that it even provokes the creation of associated services like eBay for Cryptokitties.

This project is basically an investment platform based on Ethereum. But instead of mining cryptocurrency it makes possible mining cats. This blockchain-based entertainment conquered the world. Some notable companies like Baidu tried to repeat the success of Cryptokitties. It also offers collecting, buying and selling lovely crypto creatures – not kitties, but dogs. There are some other attempts to make popular games based on Ethereum smart contracts like Fishbank.

CryptoBots thoroughly examined the examples of popular crypto games. The new project took the best of Cryptokitties and its rivals and eliminated their weaknesses. CryptoBots is a game which allows users to buy various bots, breed and sell them. Even though the platform has just started its development it has already partnered with the world’s leading marketplace for online video game assets OPSkins.

Alexander Rog, the producer of CryptoBots, said: “One of the biggest advantages of blockchain games are the wide and secure presence of game goods in the market. By partnering with a trusted marketplace like OPSkins, CryptoBots is assured safe and easy distribution to its audience.”

The main concept of CryptoBots is practically similar to the one of Cryptokitties. However, this new platform offers users one more entertainment – bot battles for up to 10 players. These battles are not just about fun – the winners get rewarded with unique bots.

CryptoBots represent a new standard for the blockchain-based entertainment. The platform enjoys all the benefits of Ethereum-based smart contracts. The bots population is easy to keep under control: they can be bought, won, upgraded and even recycled.

The platform makes its best to attract users in every possible way. This month the fully functional release is to be available this month, the mobile version is on the way. 2017 was brightened by Cryptokitties – but may 2018 become the year of CryptoBots?

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