Ex-Samsung and Google Managers Launch New Location-based AR Mobile Game Mossland

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Former managers of Samsung and Google are launching a new location-based augmented reality mobile game Mossland with a focus on real estate powered by blockchain. In-game sales and purchases are facilitated Ethereum-based cryptocurrency Moss Coin. ICO launch starts on March 21.

Ex-Samsung and Google managers teamed up to launch the new project gamifying the real estate objects with a help of Augmented Reality. The product under development is a mobile game named Mossland.

Mossland is a AR (augmented reality) gamified platform for owning and trading virtualized real-estate based on mechanics of Monopoly and Pokemon Go. Mossland was created by Wooram Son, former Software Engineer at Samsung Electronics, and Chester Roh, serial entrepreneur, Founder of TNC (acquired by Google)

In the game users can navigate through cities, check-in in different locations and become virtual owners of various landmarks. They also will be able not only play but also profit inside the game hoarding the fiat money. Such Mossland invention will create a new AR\VR advertising market.

Ownership of assets is secured by Moss Chain, the first AR/VR assets blockchain. The game uses three digital currencies: Gold, Gems and Moss, the quantity of which depends on the actions of each player in a game. The Mossland virtual property values will increase depending on the number of users’ check-ins at the property locations used in the game.

Gamers could exchange, sell and buy their AR properties inside the game with the help of Action House, a special advertising option. All transactions will be cleared through an open auction system, which means there will be no direct transactions between players. Such Mossland’s functionality makes it an effective advertising platform that allows every gamer to promote their property.

“Moss Chain is a very exciting technology that stands to dramatically reshape our increasingly digital world,” said Louis Jinhwa Kim, the Blockchain Advisor at Mossland. He added: “We’re now building a completely new ecosystem that will inspire a creation of the new creative projects such as Mossland and will completely reshape the gaming market.”

The project has already raised $5 million in 38 minutes during the ICO Pre-Sale of Moss Coin, which was the first in Korean game industry. The official ICO launch date is scheduled for March 21. It will last till April 17. Total quantity of MOC is 500,000,000, with the MOC cost of $0.12.

Currently the company is the biggest and the most promising Korean ICO. Mossland is a platform that could be used for ads and other applications. Is will be the first game that integrates AR technologies and a proprietary blockchain, so Mossland will later become a global platform for developing new games powered by blockchain. The creation of Moss Chain will contribute to AR gaming development in general and also increase the value of Moss Coin, so this platform seems to become a big trend in the future.

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