Winklevoss Twins to Assist in Adaptation of ‘Bitcoin Billionaires’ Book for Film

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Winklevoss Twins to Assist in Adaptation of ‘Bitcoin Billionaires’ Book for Film
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Winklevoss twins will cooperate with Stampede Ventures to co-produce a film adaptation of “Bitcoin Billionaires” written by Ben Mezrich

The Winklevoss twins are set to assist in the adaption of their “Bitcoin Billionaires” book for film. Sources say that Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are set to turn Ben Mezrich’s book into a movie.

The non-fictional tale tells of the twins’ struggle after their court case with Mark Zuckerberg. It also tells the story of their discovering Bitcoin in Ibiza before it became mainstream and the aftermath of their adopting the cryptocurrency.

Previously, the Winklevoss worked with Mezrich on another project: the book became the basis for the film “The Social Network”. The film told the story (based on their account) behind the founding of Facebook (NASDAQ: FB). The 2011 movie won three Academy awards (best-adapted screenplay, original music score, and best film editing).

The Winklevoss twins now will be working with Greg Silverman’s Stampede Ventures to produce the film.

Greg Silverman told sources:

“I have known Cameron and Tyler for years. Last summer my son, Caleb, was fortunate enough to intern at Winklevoss Capital and the twins shared an early copy of Bitcoin Billionaires with him. Caleb and I traded the book back and forth on a summer trip, devouring it in a couple of days.”

The Winklevoss twins are optimistic about the project. They told sources:

“Ben is no stranger to writing about technology revolutions. His book Accidental Billionaires, which was later made into the movie The Social Network, chronicled the early days of social networking when many still dismissed it as just a fad. Ben immediately understood the promise of cryptocurrency and was serious about telling its story to the world”.

The story is seen by pundits to be the first intro of the crypto space into mainstream Hollywood.

Crypto Space Has Many Things to Gain from Hollywood

This could be the beginning of the representation of cryptocurrencies in popular culture. the crypto space still has a long way to go as regards adoption.

Most people still see web-3 technologies as the stuff of science fiction. Others see it as a tool for fraud. Whatever such perceptions may be, they won’t matter as long as the narrative is told from the proper perspective.

This approach (using movies) is one way that could rapidly speed up the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Already, the crypto space is facing issues of censorship on social and mainstream media. This has led to a lack of understanding of the issues that surround it.

Maybe this time, the movie will be an entree for all other stories like it. Who knows? “Cryptocurrencies” could become a niche in Hollywood.

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