World Credit Diamond Coin: Facilitating China and South Korea partnership using Blockchain

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World Credit Diamond Coin: Facilitating China and South Korea partnership using Blockchain
World Credit Diamond Coin

Think of living a completely cashless life

Think of living a completely cashless life. Or utilizing currency easily. You probably think that we are talking about the future but it’s actually the present. This is the case of China and South Korea. Together they are ones of the world’s most important cryptocurrency nations.

Both countries and their citizens are no strangers to the thought of ditching fiat in favor of crypto. Both of these markets could, arguably, be the most significant reason why cryptocurrencies are popular nowadays.

In terms of adoption of cryptocurrencies South Korea boasts an impressive 3 million people owning digital coins. They have a very high rate of adopting cashless payments with about 80% of the country using digital payment systems and going cashless. China, on the other hand, has many citizens using Bitcoin, Ethereum and others mainly due to the government’s control of the Chinese yuan. The Chinese have found a use for these cryptocurrencies since they are not tied to any government’s decisions and cannot be devalued artificially.

These two neighbours have a lot in common when it comes to the potential they see in a complete decentralized economy based on digital coins on blockchain.

Yet, these two nations have still not met eye-to-eye in many respects. For example just at the end of August 2018 it was reported that Chinese travel companies would finally be resuming group tours to South Korea that were halted back in 2017 by Beijing because of Seoul’s decision to install a US ballistic missile shield. This action represented a huge hit to the Korean tourism and travel industry. It was the reason for a major drop in visits to South Korea and a decline in its tourism related incomes during the time such ban was in effect.

Just like this, there have been many instances where political decisions have a true economical effect on people living on both sides. This is a very important use case for cryptocurrencies that allow decentralization and create independent economies. Imagine an economy out of reach of political decisions. A completely new and better world economy. One that combines cryptocurrencies and fiat for the sake of their users.

Boosting the crypto economy with WCDC

This vision of world change is introduced by World Credit Diamond Coin (WCDC) and its team. They are an Asian blockchain-based venture whose main focus is to create the most complete ecosystem of fiat and crypto which in turn will enhance the relations between China and South Korea and all of its citizens. They are breaking some of the biggest paradigms of spending cryptocurrencies – the ability to make instant secure payments. WCDC has enabled a platform where these digital payments in fiat or crypto can be made.

One of the most important contributions of the WCDC project entails creating an ecosystem of services to deliver the world’s most advanced e-payments and financial services platform. WCDC supports all of the services that one would expect from online banking – opening of online accounts, even facilitating merchants to accept payments in cryptocurrencies and for individuals to use a points system as a reward for using the platform and its related services.

Anyone will be able to use their BR Card. A crypto card similar to a bank card that will be used anytime and anywhere to help users pay for products and services. Spending their digital coins just like paying with fiat.

With WCDC platform and card citizens from China and South Korea, and from anywhere in the world could easily engage in a completely decentralized economy that allows them to have more freedom on the type of financial activities they need access to. This means it will help save complete industries from the disadvantages of having to rely only on fiat-based economies.

People all over the world have adopted the idea of cryptocurrencies because of their potential to provide freedom and a better life by accessing financial services. And now the perfect channel for these financial services is being designed and developed by WCDC.

About the project:

World Credit Diamond Coin or WCDC is designing a real-life solution for a complete crypto-economy. The team is developing a platform that enables e-payments and making use of fiat and crypto combined. They are focused on providing a better experience for all of their users by allowing them to manage their digital assets in electronic accounts much like online banking allows it. Part of the additional features they are adding to the WCDC platform is a customer loyalty and rewards program that lets users accumulate points for using services.

After finding tremendous support from its community and other blockchain projects the WCDC team announced that their cryptocurrency will be listed on CoinSuper – a TOP-10 exchange of digital currencies.

In kind appreciation to their loyal community an Airdrop is scheduled, where up to 20,000 lucky ones can get 40 WCDC tokens completely for free. More information can be found on their official Telegram chat.

WCDC is welcoming new members to join and the team is very engaged at answering questions and giving more details on how this exciting platform will work for anyone that would like to use it. To learn more about the company’s journey you can check their website out and keep up with all of the most important news and updates on Facebook and Twitter.

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