Worldcore Announced the Launch of Extra Secure Wallet for Ethereum Tokens

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Worldcore Announced the Launch of Extra Secure Wallet for Ethereum Tokens
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The world-known payment platform has announced a number of update packages including the creation of the new wallet for one of the most influential cryptocurrencies, new features for the users, notable collaborations.

Worldcore, an innovative payment platform which provides its users with such features like biometrics technologies as authentication, has recently launched new update packages. The most important one will definitely cause lots of discussion in the crypto community as the company has created a wallet for Ethereum tokens.

The payment platform has been significantly developing recently. Worldcore has successfully competed fundraising campaign. The launch of the prototype of a new website which is to become fully functional in April 2018 has also become a big deal for the platform. However, the hottest news for the blockchain community comes from the other update package.

The launch of a wallet for Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens is opening a wide range of opportunities for the crypto sphere. The support of the ERC20 standard gives the new wallet an opportunity to interact with different DAPPS – decentralized applications on the Ethereum Virtual Machine created by users – with no changes in the code.

Worldcore brings the security of the wallet to a new level. First of all, it is PCI DSS compliant. Even though Ethereum is not likely to suffer from hacking attacks thanks to the open and distributed ledger, the security of the wallet has been improved. The new wallet for Ethereum-based tokens complies to the strict cyber-security rules. The same rules are applied to such credit card agencies as American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard and Visa. Worldcore has created a crypto wallet with extremely low risk of fraud activities.

Security may be a significant feature of the new wallet, but Worldcore completely gets the importance of a user-friendly interface.  The initial version provides users with a set of charts that provide up-to-date information. The further development of the platform will bring users a set of extra functions like smart price alerts via e-mail, SMS and Telegram bot, analytic tools and other solutions for professional traders.

The new wallet is not the only important update announced by Worldcore. The platform has also released an update of the mobile apps. It is expected that the next release will add to the list of their features the cryptocurrency support.

A number of notable collaborations have been announced. The SEPA and SWIFT networks will expand the list of Worldcore partners. The collaboration with Safe Charge will definitely benefit the users as it is expected to bring over 30 new payment methods for account top-up and pay outs before the mid of April of this year.

The Worldcore platform is known for its high quality. It has become a member of various influential organizations: Emerging Payments Association, Euro Banking Association and Ethereum Enterprise Alliance. The specialists of Worldcore are welcome guests at the largest fintech events of Europe like Finovate Europe and Money2020.

Worldcore has also issued its own WRC token. According to CoinMarketCap, its market capitalization is above $8.4 million. WRC token is currently listed on Kex, HitBtc, Coinexchange and YoBit exchange and will soon be listed on KuCoin.

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