X Protocol’s 2.0 Cross-chain Has Been Completed, Aiming to Be Master of the Metaverse

Place/Date: [email protected] - September 27th, 2021 at 12:09 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Lily, Source: X Protocol

X Protocol’s 2.0 Cross-chain Has Been Completed, Aiming to Be Master of the Metaverse
Photo: X Protocol

The DeFi protocol for X Protocol’s 2.0 cross-chain has been completed, and the ultimate interface of the Metaverse product is under design and progressing.

September was a busy month for X Protocol as it presented its NFT marketplace, community DAO governance launch, staking node launch and the launch of its prediction ranking list. The next stage of its development will see further development of the powerful friend social forum and group chat system, and prediction area classification, as well as a higher degree of freedom prediction custom settings, automatically generated forecast proposal, the additional of DeFi applications, and the upgrade of the brand-new UI and UX.

Based on the concept of Web3, the X Protocol platform aims to contribute to the ever-developing metaverse with its ambition to provide a decentralized and equal standard for all economic and commercial activities on the platform. By doing so, users and enterprises may freely release content and make profits, which would serve to build up a valuable network within the metaverse and on the blockchain.

X Protocol is a Polkadot-based cross-chain protocol. It facilitates the management of assets across and among multiple heterogeneous blockchains and data aggregation prediction analysis is made possible via the X inter-blockchain bridge, which has already enabled liquidity processing for transactions on Ethereum and BSC. X Protocol is also one of Web3 foundation grant project, Wave 9.

In addition to its powerful technical promotion, X Protocol champions eight core values: decentralized and equal identity; short delays, strong community ethos, sense of immersion, diversification, anytime and anyplace utilization, economic system, and civilization. Such an ecosystem aims to help users easily enter its perfectly-functioning parallel universe to enjoy the optimized technical functions within.

X Protocol is basically user-ready and able to presents its perfect reflection of the real world to bring an unprecedented sense of immersion for X Metaverse users. Along with the achievement of meet all milestones along the road map, all kinds of linkages of software and hardware technology, such as VR/AR, and VR devices, edge calculation, and blockchain are available to enhance users’ sense of immersion. The important point about the metaverse is that it must be open and available to the wider public, and X Protocol allows all kinds of players and users to immerse themselves through various free activities. They may also use the basic application to open the technical access to the partners on the platform, which would enable them to easily add their own content.

X Protocol aims to make the leap from offering the stability and freedom of the cross-chain to afford access to the huge economic system of the metaverse through its improved hardware and software infrastructures as well as its groundbreaking enhancement technology. All supporting fields must be improved and implemented through a series of mechanisms with the aim of ensuring that digital identities feel increasingly realistic, which will improve users’ sense of immersion. In this way, more users will ultimately be drawn to the activities on offer in the metaverse.