Xiaomi Q1 2023 Report Reveals Leading Smartphone Market Took Hit on Poor Product Sales

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Xiaomi Q1 2023 Report Reveals Leading Smartphone Market Took Hit on Poor Product Sales
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For Q1 2023, Xiaomi sold far fewer smartphones than in the first quarter of last year due to waning demand. 

Xiaomi Corporation recently posted its Q1 2023 earnings report, which saw its revenue plunge 18.9% amid a wane in global smartphone demand. On Wednesday, the Chinese consumer electronics designer and manufacturer reported first-quarter sales of 59.5 billion yuan ($8.61 billion). Xiaomi’s Q1 2023 sales figure was roughly in line with the 59.43 billion yuan analysts expected for the period. However, this figure paled compared to the 73.35-billion-yuan worth of sales recorded in the 2022 first quarter.

For Q1 2023, Xiaomi experienced a 13.1% year-over-year (YoY) net income rise to 3.23 billion. In the first quarter of last year, the Beijing-based company logged a net income haul of 2.86 billion yuan.

Xiaomi’s first-quarter outing came amid easing pandemic restrictions by the Chinese government. However, consumers are still spending cautiously despite the country’s ongoing recovery post-Covid. This trend has impacted China’s smartphone sector, with total sales falling 11% in the year’s first quarter on weak consumer demand. Even India, once Xiaomi’s most lucrative foreign market, is proving less lucrative for the Chinese consumer electronics brand. The company has marked down the prices of several smartphone products in India and China to induce higher sales. However, this move has reaped little dividend in the ensuing time, with rival companies, including Samsung, eating into Xiaomi’s market share.

Analysts Probe Recent Smartphone Sales Underperformance

Last month, Canalys analyst Sanyam Chaurasia weighed in on the decline in the global smartphone market in Q1 2023. According to Chaurasia, this underwhelming run is unsurprising because economic conditions have yet to improve globally. The analyst said:

“The local macroeconomic conditions continued to hinder vendors’ investments and operations in several markets. Despite price cuts and heavy promotions from vendors, consumer demand remained sluggish, particularly in the low-end segment due to high inflation affecting consumer confidence and spending.”

Furthermore, Chaurasia said that “the continuous sluggish end-user demand has triggered a major wave of destocking across the entire supply chain”.

In his opinion, vendors reduced inventory levels to secure operations, including low sell-in volume. Chaurasia added that presently-deployed smartphone production techniques also negatively impact supply-chain operational performance in the long term.

However, another Canalys analyst Toby Zhu previously forecasted the smartphone market would pick up at the end of the second quarter. Although it is too early to predict overall consumer demand recovery, Zhu opined that industry inventory could attain a “healthy [sales] level” by Q2 2023. He added that this positive uptick would occur irrespective of the smartphone channel or vendor.

Zhu pointed out that vendors remain more focused on innovations and increasing production and channel strengths following the underwhelming phase.

Xiaomi Looks Beyond Consumer Electronics amid Its Restrained Q1 2023 Outing

Xiaomi is the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, behind Huawei. However, the company has begun investing in the automotive sector to increase its income and diversify from consumer electronics. Reports say the publicly-traded Chinese company would mass produce its first vehicle in the first half of next year.

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