Xtrading.io: Ultimate News Aggregator Indicating News Effect on Price

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Xtrading.io: Ultimate News Aggregator Indicating News Effect on Price
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The Xtrading news feed is dubbed as a powerful and reliable tool for real-time market monitoring and also in-depth analytics.

Being viewed as ‘Bloomberg for crypto’, the Xtrading news feed is a universal tool, which enables users to keep track of the market unfolding through one browser tab. The tool will go a long way in assisting crypto investors and also enthusiasts get informed on specific topics of interest.

This is because the browser uses an algorithm that collects all the information that could influence the market and displays it systematically. “We provide a feature that shows you the causal relationship between news and change in the price of coins,” the startup said in a statement.

How to Use Xtrading News Feed

Once a user accesses the browser, the default settings enable them to see news from several significant websites, blogs, forums and also from messengers channels like Reddit, Twitter, Discord, Telegram and also from YouTube.

To further customize the news feeds, you are to open a tab in the top left of the news sections and mark the preferred sources. Besides, the user is also allowed to sort displayed news by reference to specific crypto assets and also by the use of general price change of all digital currencies.

Xtrading.io: Ultimate News Aggregator Indicating News Effect on Price

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Xtradin tool also comes with a feature that enables the user to focus attention on actual and important news. This is because every news item has a community branch and also a rating system.

“This feature is developed to build a community of Xtrading users who will give each other different points of estimating news,” the browser said in a statement. “Based on the item’s ranking it will be also displayed in a Top News tab,” added the team.

Another feature that makes the browser interactive is the fact that all users’ news feed settings can be shared with their team partners. This enables coherence in a group of people following the same news feeds.

The browser claims to be building tools for crypto traders with a crypto news aggregator that has over 4,000 sources. In the near future, the browser is promising users to incorporate more components.

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