ZetaChain Launches Mainnet Beta, Users Can Start Claiming ZETA Tokens

ZetaChain Launches Mainnet Beta, Users Can Start Claiming ZETA Tokens

UTC by Bhushan Akolkar · 3 min read
ZetaChain Launches Mainnet Beta, Users Can Start Claiming ZETA Tokens
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The ZetaChain Mainnet Beta unveiled ZetaHub, a user-friendly entry point enabling active engagement with ZetaChain. The native crypto ZETA is already live on KuCoin exchange.

Earlier today, February 1, the Layer-1 interoperable blockchain network ZetaChain announced the launch of its mainnet beta. ZetaChain, with a community exceeding 1.8 million members and over 200 partners, aims to function as a platform that ensures universal access, simplicity, and utility across all blockchain networks.

The Mainnet Beta of ZetaChain serves as a fully operational network that seamlessly links Bitcoin, Ethereum Mainnet, and BNB Chain. Moreover, developers have the capability to deploy Omnichain Smart Contracts on ZetaChain’s EVM, utilizing the ZRC-20 primitive. This further allows for the seamless connection and orchestration of value and data across all the connected chains, thereby eliminating the need for token wrapping or locking.

The ZetaChain Mainnet Beta unveils ZetaHub, a user-friendly entry point enabling active engagement with ZetaChain and its ecosystem. Furthermore, this portal incorporates functionalities like governance, proof of stake, and entry to the extensive ZetaChain dApp ecosystem. Users can also monitor their on-chain activities within ZetaHub through a rewards system named Zeta XP.

Users who meet the eligibility criteria can utilize ZetaHub Claim to access their earned ZETA token allocations from the initial airdrop. However, certain users might need to complete a KYC process before making a claim. Aside from the ZetaChain airdrop, users have the opportunity to receive ZETA through partner centralized trading platforms, wallet campaigns, and various other programs.

Transferring ZETA Token and XP Launch Campaign

Users can explore different avenues of acquiring ZETA by clicking the “Get ZETA” button on the ZetaHub. Being an omnichain token, ZETA can operate on Ethereum mainnet, ZetaChain, and other interconnected smart contract chains.

Besides, users can leverage the Send interface to transfer ZETA across networks. This also includes the movement of ZRC-20 whitelisted assets like BTC and ETH to and from ZetaChain.

To celebrate the ZetaChain Mainnet Beta launch, ZetaHub introduces the inaugural global XP campaign, over the next 30 days. XP functions as a level-up system and loyalty program, determined by pure on-chain user activity.

Users can accumulate XP and elevate their level by engaging with ZetaHub through activities such as contributing to core pools, inviting friends to XP, depositing assets, as well as interacting with ZetaChain apps. Beyond user engagement, the XP program serves as a launchpad for ecosystem app partners keen on connecting with the worldwide ZetaChain community.

The ZETA token is already available for trading on the KuCoin exchange. At press time, the ZETA/USDT pair is trading at $0.8835, up 520% from its listing price.

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