Zichain New Trade Terminal

September 5th, 2018 at 7:48 pm UTC · 2 min read

There are currently many barriers for potential players in this promising area: for instance, lack of a reliable, simple and safe infrastructure.

Zichain is one of the first companies to set an ambitious goal to create an ecosystem, which will bring together the traditional financial market practices and innovative technologies the blockchain offers.

One of the key steps is the launch of a single trade terminal, which enables trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies on the world exchanges in one window 24/7!

In other words, one platform combines all the necessary trade tools with the most convenient for users crypto exchanges entry point.

The alpha version of the terminal can be run now.

What does it Bring?

The terminal includes a set of professional portfolio managing tools, such as a system of accepting and distributing orders between exchanges or the advanced order execution algorithms.

What was previously only available for the institutional trading desks (TWAP, VWAP, POV, icebergs, sniper orders, and other order types), is now can be applied here as well!

Such a set of algorithms makes it possible to strike deals at the favorable rates, no matter the quantity of a transaction. Currently, there are 4 exchanges and 8 order types available.

About Zichain

Zichain provides a suite of modules for cryptocurrency financial services. Our infrastructure solutions are tailored for managing digital assets: from retail trading to institutional wealth management.

Zichain modules unleash the potential of fintech and maximize advantages of blockchain, BIG DATA, and AI. Our research and development activity in blockchain is aimed to eliminate a counterparty risk by building infrastructure for decentralized storage of assets.

The fintech services are based on the best practices of the traditional financial world and offer the turnkey trading solutions to retail and institutional participants of the cryptocurrency market. Big Data & AI module becomes your digital financial advisor in the crypto world by delivering comprehensive news and market data along with suggesting proper investment decisions.

Zichain was founded by a group of top-tiered professionals from IT and Finance in 2017. Our mission is to become the one and only counterparty in the cryptocurrency universe and to make digital finance familiar and user-friendly.



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