Abbott Laboratories (ABT) Stock Rises 1% Getting Closer to Its ATH

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Abbott Laboratories (ABT) Stock Rises 1% Getting Closer to Its ATH
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Abbott Laboratories stock price is rising today after dipping yesterday. ABT is trading at around $91.

Abbott Laboratories (NYSE: ABT) stock price is up today. Sources say that this comes after its decline by 2% during yesterday’s trading session.

There are mixed views on the direction of Abbott Laboratories (ABT) stock. At the time of filing this report, Abbott Laboratories (ABT) stock was trading at $91.14 (+0.93%).

Over the past year, stock prices rose by 14.64%. Certain predictions have taken an annual growth of prices to 9.67%. This is as the broader U.S. economy has entered into a recession.

On the buy-side, analysts have pegged prices to be at $96 (close to its ATH of $98). On the sell side, prices have been pegged at $84.

Abbott Laboratories Stock Up Despite Reports of Insider Trading

Several reports have indicated that insider trading has occurred within the company. Firstly, Lane Andrew H sold about 80,000 shares at $92. This allegedly happened on 5th May. Apart from the executive vice-president, Senior Vice-President sold about 3,724 shares on April 28th.

This comes as Abbott Laboratories coronavirus antibody tests have surged in terms of demand. The situation hasn’t been without its issues though.

Sources say that the antibody tests have had accuracy issues. Something that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is looking into.

Even then the antibody tests have proven to be a strong indicator of growth for the company.

This has given rise to a bullish position by many analysts who believe that rapid antibody tests will be an engine of growth at this time.

Even then, Abbott Laboratories has a market capitalization of $159.674 billion. This is with 1.77 billion outstanding shares and another 1.76 billion in afloat.

Abbott Laboratories seems to have a strong financial position. In terms of equity, 76.3% of the company is owned by institutional investors. Investors include Blackrock Inc with an $11.51 billion ( 128,123,947 shares), Vanguard Group with 155,793,753 shares (or 2.642%), and Capital Global Research Investors with 15.676% of the company.

Fundamentals Are Strong

On the fundamental side, the return on total capital is 9.12. The return on invested capital stands at 7.45. Return on equity tilts towards 11.90. return on assets is 5.43. The operating margin stands at +14.39 while the gross margin is +52.32.

When it comes to the stock performance, Abbott Laboratories (ABT) stock prices dipped by -0.48 last week. In the last month, this performance was at -1.52%. The 8.59% drop in stock prices haven’t stopped a +14.64% rise in the past 12 months.

The stock has a Relative Strength Index (RSI) tilting towards neutral at 54.34. Analysts think that the stock will profitability in the short to mid-term.

Prices are expected to range neutrally for a few weeks before a price rise in the bullish direction.

With an average true range (ATR) of 2.82, pundits are looking at a breakout to investors’ target price of $96 in the interim.

The COVID-19 pandemic may be the factor to change the direction of stock prices. If Abbott Laboratories (ABT) can change their resolve the situation concerning the accuracy of the antibody tets then this is a definite possibility.

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