ACChain Digital Asset Smart-Ecosystem Founder Delivers Keynote Address at Davos

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ACChain Digital Asset Smart-Ecosystem Founder Delivers Keynote Address at Davos
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Ms. Wan Jia, CEO of Guiyang Blockchain Financial Co. Ltd. and founder of the ACChain Digital Asset Smart-Ecosystem, has held a presentation at the World Economic Forum.

Last week, the top world leaders, economic executives and government officials, who make their way to Davos each year for the World Economic Forum, had the opportunity to listen to a presentation from Ms. Wan Jai, CEO of Guiyang Blockchain Financial Co. Ltd. The presentation detailed the promising potential of the Asset Collection Chain (ACChain) Digital Asset Smart-Ecosystem, which was also founded by Wan Jai.

The invitation to be a speaker at the influential global event was a huge vote of confidence for ACChain’s mission to develop a fully decentralized, safer and more stable digital currency system supplementing and supporting the existing fiat economy through free issuance, circulation and settlement of global assets.

Wan Jais details report outlined how ACChain’s native digital currency, ACCoin (ACC), would form a tri-currency ACChain Special Drawing Rights (A-SDR), along with other mainstream cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum. Via the A-SDR digital currency basket as a global digital currency ecosystem, ACC will represent an access point, being the standard token for settlement, remittance and circulation of digital currencies worldwide.

Referred to within the industry as the “Swiss Army Knife” of Altcoins, ACCoin reflects the flexibility and multiple functionality of its namesake, facilitating the missing link between digital currencies and the conventional world of fiat. Via ACC, market participants can access the ACChain Digiverse, anchoring both financial and tangible assets to regional sub-coins, and converting them freely into and out of the digital realm.

ACC, along with BTC and ETH, will be a core element of the supranational A-SDR as it creates a global valuation standard in exchange and settlement of digital assets expressed by non-digital and digital currencies. All digital assets will feature simple calculation and peer-to-peer transmission protected by high levels of encryption, with settlements benefiting from a high traceability of asset flow via ACChain.

ACChain is also a founding member of the International Digital Assets Exchange Council (IDAXC), a decentralized, non-profit organization mandated with fostering common best practices across asset digitization and related token exchanges, with the ultimate settlement of real assets anchored to digital assets.

Analysts in the field of digitization believe that the digital anchoring of assets will be the final piece of the puzzle in the expansion of the new Digiverse, otherwise known as Blockchain 3.0, where coins have a quantifiable worth indefinitely, resulting in immediately identifiable financial value. In theory, this will help to mitigate the extreme volatility and unpredictability associated with early blockchain currencies such as Bitcoin.

The annual World Economic Forum, recognized by the Swiss government as an international organization, is a recognized discussion ground where global leaders from the political, business and academic sectors seek out ways to improve the state of the world, often formulating ideas to help shape wide-sweeping global agendas. Wan Jia also participated in the Global Blockchain Business Council dinner event shortly after delivering her address.

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