AgroTechFarm Will Launch the Pre-ICO in Less than 24 Hours

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by Sofiko Abeslamidze · 3 min read
AgroTechFarm Will Launch the Pre-ICO in Less than 24 Hours
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ATF is the first token that allows the blockchain community to have easy access to advanced technologies in automated agro cultivation equipment manufacturing.

A while ago we reported AgroTechFarm aims to initiate the mass production of indoor ATF home farming appliances that enable customers to automatically grow cannabis, tomatoes, cucumbers and many more plants in secure way.

The disrupting project reaps the full benefits of a soil-free cultivation technology and LED lighting for growing organic food. The ATF Home Grower needs minimal customer involvement during the vegetation process and do not require any specific knowledge in agronomy or advanced experience. Thanks to a proper temperature regime and relative humidity, average yields for indoor farming are higher than similar typical crops grown outdoor.

AgroTechFarm has designed two versions of the ATF Home Grower that differ in size. As the name indicates, “Strawberry” allows growing smaller plant and “Cannabis” is large but has similar functionality. While the customers’ preferences may vary from surprising homegrown strawberry on the Valentine Day to health improvement by the means of cannabis, only the high quality of produce stays still completely free of chemicals and 100% organic.

As the ATF Home Grower prototype has been already developed and tested, the ATF team are collecting money to provide a significant capital injection to fund mass production in record time, so that they will be able to meet the sheer demand of developing industry and to win over devoted clients on the earliest stage. In the near future company is going to conquer the USA and Canadian agricultural markets.

According to the company’s roadmap, the pre-ICO campaign is starting tomorrow and will last until February 23 23:59 UTC, 2018. AgroTechFarm is going to issue limited number of tokens. The maximum is a hard cap of 500 ETH in the presale and the total cap of 10 000 ETH.  Each token is created with an ERC20 smart contract that is mintable and non-restrictive on the amount of tokens a single user can purchase.

During the crowd sale, AgroTechFarm accepts only Ethereum for ATF tokens that equals 0.012 ETH per unit.  As a pleasant bonus, AgroTechFarm provide a 50% discount for investors along with an option to exchange tokens for shares. In case the company goes for a public offering, 30% of the issued shares will be made exclusive for token holders, and they will be able to just convert them.

The company expects to raise a minimum funding of 1 300 000 USD during the token sale otherwise the project will be suspended, for it would mean that the interest industry is low and the working capital would not be enough.

The project of brand new ATF indoor farms for cannabis and plants cultivation seems to be appealing for the members of the crypto-community, as it has killer functionality and enables contributors to participate in the market growth with their investments. Also the structure of the ICO is simple and straightforward, so there is no problem getting around.

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