AI Crypto Coins are Here – How Dogetti, Stellar, and Aptos Will Fare?

Place/Date: - March 13th, 2023 at 1:21 pm UTC · 3 min read
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Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the tech industry and has made significant strides in various sectors. One such area is a cryptocurrency, where AI technology is being used to create specialized testing grounds for new AI and ML models, apps, and algorithms in a decentralized and open environment. In this article, we will discuss three promising AI crypto coins – Dogetti, Stellar, and Aptos – and explore their potential for investment.

AI Crypto Coins are Here - How Dogetti, Stellar, and Aptos Will Fare?

What Is an AI Crypto Coin?

AI Coins or artificial intelligence coins/tokens refer to cryptocurrencies that use AI technology in their operations. They provide a platform for testing new AI and ML models, apps, and algorithms in a decentralized and open environment.

Benefits of AI Crypto Coins

AI can evaluate enormous amounts of data, identifying patterns and trends that human analysts might miss. With the help of this information, traders can make more informed decisions about when to buy, sell, or keep cryptocurrencies. AI crypto coins also offer several benefits, such as increased efficiency, affordability, and security. Moreover, they enable users to create, send, and exchange other cryptocurrencies.

Dogetti – Join the Mafia Family for a 900% Gain

Dogetti (DETI) is a new meme coin that has gained attention for its family-centred values and “tough-guy” attitude toward the cryptocurrency industry. Dogetti wants to build a committed fan base that they refer to as “The Family,” a lighthearted parody of the Mob. The coin prioritizes family and offers frequent rewards for consumers through a 2% reflection technology. With high potential and minimal risk, Dogetti presents a successful long-term investment opportunity. Recently, the coin launched an attractive incentive for early adopters with a 25% bonus for those who jump in the Dogetti wagon.

AI Crypto Coins are Here - How Dogetti, Stellar, and Aptos Will Fare?

Stellar – Connecting Ecosystems Affordably

Stellar (XLM) aims to make cross-border payments faster and more secure through blockchain technology. The cryptocurrency payment network was established in 2014, with the goal of creating an open, affordable, and user-friendly global payment system. Stellar is well known for connecting people, banks, and payment processors, enabling users to transfer financial resources quickly, dependably, and affordably. Additionally, Stellar (XLM) serves as the basis for all ecosystem operations by rewarding the network and facilitating various cryptocurrency transactions.

Aptos Boasts Its Secure Future

Aptos is a scalable Proof-of-Stake Layer 1 blockchain that utilizes a revolutionary smart contract programming language called Move. Aptos Labs was founded by two former Meta workers. The blockchain enables DeFi projects to be built on it, with over 30 DeFi projects already in the ecosystem. On a year-to-date (YTD) basis, the value of its native coin more than tripled, and during that time, its market worth skyrocketed beyond $1 billion. Aptos presents a promising opportunity for investors looking for a futurist token.


AI crypto coins are revolutionary, however, a few bottlenecks need to be addressed before mainstream adoption. For instance, the quality of data plays a crucial factor in the decision-making of AI and it can be corrupted easily.  Dogetti, Stellar, and Aptos are coins with immense potential and a multitude of uses.

However, before investing, it is crucial to research each of them thoroughly. It is also important to note that the true value of meme coins like Dogetti is unlocked during the presale. Therefore, joining the hype train during the presale season can potentially yield massive returns.

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