How Algotech Is Setting Expectations: Can Aptos and Chainlink Follow Suit? 

February 14th, 2024 at 7:29 am UTC · 3 min read

How Algotech Is Setting Expectations: Can Aptos and Chainlink Follow Suit? 
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/Algotech/ – Aptos (APT) and Chainlink (LINK) are two crypto projects that have not been able to live up to expectations recently. One could easily hide behind the general decline in the crypto market as the reason for their price decline. However, a closer look reveals internal shortcomings affecting the projects’ downward projection and low network activities.

Proactive developers and projects have taken advantage of these mistakes to create better and superior offerings, one of which is the Algotech network. What makes Algotech different? Let’s find out.

Aptos (APT): A Pool of Technical Challenges

The Aptos project is a multifaceted blockchain network and development ecosystem that focuses on high security, scalability, and reliability. Sadly, it hasn’t lived up to its promises.

For example, the project boasts a theoretical transaction speed of 160,000 transactions per second (TPS) but currently averages about 10 TPS on its mainnet. The Aptos network also has a smaller user base and fewer decentralized apps built on it than its competitors.

Aptos’ development ecosystem faces challenges due to its programming language of choice, Move. Its parallel execution model presents a steep learning curve for developers, keeping many away from the network.

Is Chainlink (LINK) Ready for the Future?

Chainlink has grabbed attention and followership as the decentralized oracle network of choice among competition. But will they be able to keep it?

The increasing demand and data volume flowing into the network have exposed a scalability issue. Users and institutions want to be able to access data at any given time, but Chainlink is struggling when demand peaks.

Concerns about the network’s reliance on node operators also suggest potential centralization concerns. The project’s token distribution and vesting schedule further exacerbate the concerns.

Technical indicators suggest a bearish trend for LINK, with a “bear-flag” pattern spotted among other downward-trending moving averages. Why is the investor sentiment to sell? There’s also a disparity between the strength of the LINK network and the active number of users. Some might attribute it to the technical complexity of integrating Chainlink into a smart contract.

Algotech: Leading the Way Amidst Market Uncertainties

Algotech ($ALGT) is a carefully crafted project that stems from a deep understanding of market dynamics. It is an execution blended in blockchain, AI, and data analysis to provide efficient solutions for crypto traders.

Algotech ($ALGT) supports crypto adoption, reflected in its choice of simplified algorithmic trading, making it available to a wider audience. If that’s not okay, Algotech also provides a wide range of tools and strategies traders can use to maximize profit and minimize losses.

Security, community, and transparency are not excluded from the list of priorities. Algotech gives its users governance rights and partial ownership of the project through its $ALGT token and provides a transparent roadmap on its platform.

Algotech has been validated by the crypto community, generating over $1 million in 48 hours during a private seed-raising round. $ALGT is currently undergoing a presale at $0.04 and will list at $0.15 when it goes live.

For more about Algotech and its $ALGT token, visit the official website. 

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