Alibaba Cloud Taps Avalanche to Create Metaverses for Businesses

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Alibaba Cloud Taps Avalanche to Create Metaverses for Businesses
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The demand for blockchain technology and metaverse has recently been on the rise.

With businesses keen to take their brands to Web 3.0, Alibaba Cloud has taken it upon itself to help its clients with their transitions. To achieve this, the digital technology and intelligence division of Alibaba Group has partnered with layer-1 blockchain Avalanche.

Alibaba Cloud and Avalanche

The major aim of the partnership will be to create metaverses for businesses within the Alibaba ecosystem, albeit on the blockchain.

According to an announcement that was made at the Avalanche Summit II Conference in Barcelona, an innovative metaverse launcher called Cloudverse will be used to achieve these goals. And with the Cloudverse, businesses may now access the world of metaverse in a much faster and cheaper way. Avalanche said:

“Cloudverse gives businesses an easy, white-glove, and cost-effective way to expand their brands to the Web3 virtual world.”

Meanwhile, Metaverse Universal Assets DAO (MUA DAO) will also play a role as the third partner in the arrangement,  acting as the middleware. That is, it will provide the service layer that will help with the integration of the said metaverses.

Essentially, businesses looking to build on Cloudverse will have access to so much more than just the metaverse. They will be able to access a variety of other features that will be enabled through MUA DAO.  These features include support, interactive functions, and visualizations among others.

Alibaba Maintains Web 3.0 and Blockchain Adoption Drive

For what it’s worth, tech giant Alibaba has been keen on driving the adoption of blockchain technology and Web 3.0. And it appears that Avalanche has been key to its ambitions in this regard.

Recall that last December,  Alibaba partnered with Avalanche to launch infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) on the platform. And by all means, that partnership is expected to bolster blockchain adoption in the Asian region. That is because the IaaS makes it possible for users in the region to launch node validators.

With the Cloudverse, however, Alibaba will be hoping to open broad access to the world of Web 3.0. This is considering that it has millions of clients even on its Alibaba Cloud.

Raymond Xiao, Head of International Web3 Solutions for Alibaba Cloud also spoke about what informed the firm’s decision. According to him, there is no doubt about the rising popularity of blockchain technology and the metaverse.  More so, demand for them has also been on the rise recently, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. Xiao claims that this strong demand was what necessitated the Cloudverse move. He then added in the blog post:

“We are excited to offer businesses a way to kickstart their metaverse journeys and drive innovations and new possibilities for their businesses.”

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