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Alphr the ‘Etoro’ of DeFi Crypto Trading

April 22nd, 2021 at 9:47 am UTC · 2 min read

Alphr the ‘Etoro’ of DeFi Crypto Trading

This month, Alphr, a new DeFi project will achieve major milestones launching DAOMaker’s first SHO on their newly revamped DAO Pad.  In addition to an IDO on Paid Ignition. Alphr will list their token ($ALPHR) on Uniswap and on 27th April.

A Decentralized Social Trading Platform

The huge surge in DEX volumes and proliferation of DeFi protocols has enabled Alphr to exist. When the best traders in the world start to trade on DEXs this makes all of their trades transparent and available on chain. It is now possible to see who, for example, is the best performing WBTC trader in the last 90 days on Uniswap. You can then use that information to buy and sell WBTC when that trader does. Alphr enables you to do that, either manually or automatically using AMT (Automated mirror trading).

With the explosion of DeFi your wallet has quietly become your social identity on chain. Alphr turns every wallet that has ever traded on Uniswap (and soon to be all DEXs) into a social profile. You can see net worth, return, risk score, current tokens held and much more. Discovering other wallets and seeing which new platforms they are trading/farming on, and which tokens they are buying and when, is becoming an important part of crypto trading.

There is already a demand for this type of onchain discovery and trade copying, but currently traders are using a combination of Nansen (or similar tools), Telegram bots and manual trading to achieve what Alphr automates in one platform.

What makes Alphr so attractive from an investors perspective is the token value capture mechanism, which is unique in DeFi. The protocol revenues are returned to token holders. 75% of the fees are used to purchase and burn the token, which means the $ALPHR token supply is constantly reducing. The tokenonomics is built to attract, reward and retain users whilst also offering governance and input into the direction of the protocol and voting on usage of the community treasury.

About Alphr

Alphr is a decentralized social trading platform that enables anyone to trade with the alpha of the most successful wallets in crypto. Alphr’s visualized and automated mirror trading technology simplifies the crypto trading experience; democratizing crypto investing and providing the path to true Alpha. For more information visit the website or follow us on Twitter.