Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft or Tesla to Hit $2 Trillion Market Cap First?

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Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft or Tesla to Hit $2 Trillion Market Cap First?
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Here’s a look at how the top companies are now trying to position themselves in this massively expanding global economy and reach a $2 trillion market cap.

The U.S. stock market has been performing exceptionally well in the last two years, as so are some of the top tech companies. In the top-tier tech companies, a trillion-dollar valuation is becoming a very common norm with Google parent Alphabet Inc. recently joining this club.

Google was the fourth tech giant after Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft to hit this milestone. However, as these companies continue to soar further amidst the rising stock market, anticipations are rising as to who will hit the $2 trillion market cap first.

But let’s also nor forget about Tesla that is definitely a new start to observe. Yes, it managed to pass the $100 billion level and managed to reach the level of $150 billion not so long. But it has all the chances to continue its conquering journey.

Oil refining giant Saudi Aramco has already hit these valuations after the company went public last year. While the oil industry continues to be a major driver of the global economy, the tech industry has outpaced its growth significantly over the last decade.

In today’s discussion let us look at the potential tech companies which can attain this milestone.

Apple Eyeing $2 Trillion Market Cap

Apple Inc: Needless to say that this Cupertino-based tech giant is a strong contender for this race. Over the last decade, Apple has dominated the smartphone industry with its most popular iPhone models. In this time, the companies growth skyrocketed with iPhone sales contributing to the majority of its revenue.

However, Apple is aware of the consolidation in the smartphone industry and preparing itself for the next tech revolution. The company is silently venturing into new avenues like Augmented Reality (AR), the payments industry, online media-streaming industry, etc. With over $250 billion reserve cash, the company is well-poised to quickly adapt to the transformation in the tech industry.

APPL stock’s performance has been solid over the last year. The APPL stock has surged nearly 100% since the beginning of 2019 taking its market valuations to $1.42 trillion as on date. It holds the crown of the world’s most-valued tech company and much close to the $2-trillion milestone.

Microsoft as Another Strong Player

This computing tech giant is another strong contender for this race. Microsoft is in close competition to Apple having valuations just marginally below to Apple. At press time, the Microsoft stock (MSFT) is trading at $185 with a market cap of $1.41 trillion.

Having missed the smartphone industry growth, Microsoft was on a backfoot initially. However, after Satya Nadella joined as the CEO of the company a few years back, he has successfully managed to change the company’s fortunes. Nadella helped Microsoft regain its glory by positioning itself strongly in the cloud computing market. Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service is one of the most dominant cloud platforms in the market.

Besides, the company is also actively working on next-gen tech solutions like blockchain and augmented reality. We can expect Microsoft to ride the wave of the next tech revolution.

Amazon Is Moving Forward

The e-commerce giant was the first one to hit the $1 trillion milestones. Amazon’s fortune has skyrocketed in the last decade with company boss Jeff Bezos leading several business ventures. The company’s growth has also translated into making Bezos the richest man in the world.

Be it e-commerce, cloud computing, space exploration, or any other business venture, Amazon has its foot in it. But the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its e-commerce business are major contributors to Amazon’s growth.

Bezos has big plans ahead with expansion in fastly growing markets like India and he has been recently quite vocal about it. Don’t be surprised if Amazon trumps everyone to be the first $2 trillion company.

Over the last year, Amazon (AMZN) stock has surged over 30% and is currently trading $2153 with a market cap of $1.06 trillion. Analysts are bullish on Amazon’s performance and expect the stock price to hit $5000 by 2023. If this turns a reality, Amazon will easily cross $2 trillion in the next five years.

Alphabet as the Newest Member of the Club

This Google parent has been steadily moving ahead in the market. Alphabet is another strong contender to achieve the $2-trillion milestone but we doubt if it could be the first. The reason being, a major part of the company’s revenue still comes from advertising.

Google has been recently facing enough scrutiny for its advertisements. The government has questioned the tech giant over its algorithm of having an unfair play and asked to limit political ad advertisements.

However, Sundar Pichai has been recently elevated to the company CEO position and looking at his strong record in the past, he holds the good potential to drive the company ahead. It will be interesting to see how Pichai steers Google’s growth ahead. The latest buzz in the market has been that if Google buys Tesla at $250 billion, it can turn the fortunes for the company. Well, in such a case, the search giant will be possibly scripting a new fairytale of its own.

Will Tesla Gain Momentum?

Probably, it is too early to speak about Tesla founding a $2 trillion club. However, looking at the performance of TSLA stock, it is impossible to disagree that Tesla could be a good candidate.

Only in December, the community was discussing the chances of Tesla (TSLA) stock to reach $420. And just recently it has practically managed to hit $1000. So, let’s what and see what will be the next milestone.

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