Analysts Predict Bitcoin to Hit $50.000 in 2018

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by Sofiko Abeslamidze · 3 min read
Analysts Predict Bitcoin to Hit $50.000 in 2018
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Summing up conducted researches, Bitcoin experts explain price volatility of conventional cryptocurrency and make a bet on meteoric increase in its price during ongoing year.

Along with achievement of significant $20.000 benchmark, 2017 might officially be considered as a golden year for Bitcoin. From that time, it has successfully withstood challenges of market adaptation with an extraordinary fortitude. Despite of correction in its price, today Bitcoin’s future contracts are profitably trading on CBOE and worldwide exchange platforms luring investors and enthusiasts to troop into Bitcoin rush.

Nevertheless, Bitcoin critics are never out of pessimist. In their conclusions, they are referring to economic bubble and advising investors to stay alert dipping their toes deep in Bitcoin water.

To stay off pessimistic prognosis, Spencer Bogart, Bitcoin expert in CNBC interview expressed his tremendous faith in Bitcoin being the major digital asset of the future. According to Mr Bogart forecast, Bitcoin will “evolve” and “mature” to eventually become a plethora of benefits for both retail and institutional investors.

Commenting on the fact Bitcoin recently has entered a major correction, he stated: “I can’t tell you exactly what’s going to happen with price and neither can anybody. But when I look out over the next 12 months, what I see is a significant supply and demand imbalance at the current price levels.”

While institutional side cautiously observes market situation and exercise Bitcoin vulnerability before render the millions into cryptocurrency, retail investors, especially young one, raise sheer demand.

Results of the survey conducted by a Harris poll show that nearly 19 percent of people in the US are likely to invest their money into Bitcoin in the next five year. Many of millennial Americans adhere to Bitcoin ecosystem, as they are 32 percent of reported data.

Yet the partner at Blockchain Capital has recognized the fact Bitcoin is still “bit of an exotic product for institutional investors” and he confidently stressed that Bitcoin adoption within institutional system will not take long.

As Bitcoin is an innovative trend, Mr. Borgart said, it is natural that the younger generation more willingly expedites the flow of tech sphere. He also consider the established interest to be a good indicator for Bitcoin’s future.

The cryptocurrency will continue to perform, as long as both retail and institutional investors get involved and stay there. Simply put, the future of Bitcoin is in the hands of its customers.  Whether it will be bright or not, is up to them.

At the press time, Bitcoin climbes above $15.000 mark with increased support to its value following news Paypal founder Peter Thiel’s has considered the option of investing million forture in Bitcoin.

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