Android Version of Coinbase Pro App with 50 Trading Pairs Is Now Available

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Android Version of Coinbase Pro App with 50 Trading Pairs Is Now Available
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The Android version of Coinbase Pro is the same as the previously launched iOS app. Android users in 100+ countries will have access to 50 trading pairs.

The world’s leading trading platform Coinbase has surprised the community. The company has expanded the compatibility for its trading platform Coinbase Pro. Previously, only iOS users could enjoy trading on the platform. Now, with the Android version of Coinbase Pro, Android users have also got access to the great trading experience.

According to the developers, the Android version of Coinbase Pro is the same as the previously launched iOS app. It offers deposit and withdrawal services, real-time candles, depth charts, order books, and advanced order types, along with intuitive shortcuts.

In a blog post, Coinbase stated:

“Since the launch of the Coinbase Pro mobile app in October, it has become clear that our customers want to trade on the go. In just over eight weeks, we’ve seen hundreds of millions in trade volume via the mobile platform. Through the app, these trades are also taking fewer steps and less time for the user to execute compared the desktop experience.”

With the Coinbase Pro app, traders have access to 50 trading pairs in more than 100 countries.

More Details about Coinbase Pro

Coinbase Pro is a professional cryptocurrency trading platform owned and operated by Coinbase. It has exactly the same security procedures that are in place at Coinbase. The speed of transactions is also identical. However, it differs from Coinbase in the trading fee structure. Coinbase Pro operates a maker-taker fee model. This means that there will be two rates, with the maker fee lower than the taker fee. Besides, there are different fees depending on the volume that you have traded. The more volume you trade, the lower the fees you pay.

As for the mobile Coinbase Pro app, it launched not long ago. In October 2019, Coinbase announced it had inaugurated a mobile Coinbase Pro app. Then, only iOS users could download it from the App store.

Coinbase commented:

“The Coinbase Pro mobile app, is a powerful, mobile-first trading platform that was built with a focus on speed, ease of use, and a clean, streamlined trading experience. The mobile trading experience provided by the app offers the functionality of our desktop platform, built in a way to make traders feel in control at every step. No action requires more steps than it needs to, meaning traders can see prices, check their portfolios, and execute their orders faster than ever before.”

Now, Android users can also enjoy the trading experience with Coinbase Pro. They can capitalize on market conditions at any time and wherever they are.

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