Apple Event on Tuesday Could Be Its Most Significant, Says Morgan Stanley

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Apple Event on Tuesday Could Be Its Most Significant, Says Morgan Stanley
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On Tuesday, Apple is conducting a special event for the launch of its much-awaited iPhone 12 5G. Analysts say that this year’s iPhone will bring a significant upgrade to its lineup in terms of design and technology.

The world is all set to witness the most awaited launch of Apple iPhone 12 5G on Tuesday, October 13. The Cupertino-based tech giant is holding a special event where we can probably see the release of 2020’s Apple iPhone lineup.

This is more likely to be an iPhone-only event as the company has already announced iOS 14 and other range of Apple products last month. For the first time in many years, Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) has scheduled separate events in two consecutive months. Also, the iPhone 12 holds greater significance for the tech giant since it will be the first iPhone with 5G capabilities.

Analysts are saying that the iPhone 12 will also bring a significant design change, the first since 2017. Dumping its gently curved edges, Apple is like to have a flatter design with iPhone 12. We are also likely to see four separate variants of the iPhone 12 with different price points and screen sizes.

The iPhone 6 launch in 2014 was the first time that Apple introduced two iPhones the same year with different form factors. Six years later, Apple plans to go for another major upgrade cycle. Looking at how Apple boosted its sales with two iPhone models, analysts are hopeful that this upgrade can make Apple an even more valuable company. “We expect this fall’s launch to be the most significant iPhone event in years,” wrote Katy Huberty, an analyst at Morgan Stanley.

Morgan Stanley Predicts Significant Jump in 2021 iPhone Sales

In her note last week, Huberty notes that after the iPhone 12 launch, Apple can ship nearly 220 million handsets in 2021. This will be a significant 22% jump year-over-year as per Morgan Stanley.

These expectations are based on information coming from Apple’s manufacturing centers in China. The market analyst expects Apple to launch the iPhone 12 mini, standard, pro, and pro max variants of the smartphone. Thus, consumers will have more choices at hand which can potentially push them to upgrade their existing handsets.

As said, the iPhone 12 will have a new design than its predecessors. This can be another good reason for iPhone fans to upgrade. Earlier this year, Apple released its much-affordable second-generation iPhone SE for just $399. This will continue to remain Apple’s most-affordable offering even after the iPhone 12 launch.

“These 4 new models will accompany the 2nd generation iPhone SE launched in spring 2020 to comprise Apple’s most complete lineup of new iPhones ever,” Huberty wrote.

Also, it is possible that all the iPhone 12 variants will support the same 5G bandwidth. Market rumors suggest that iPhone 12 will have both sub-6GHz and the faster mmWave 5G. Besides, the iPhone will be finally getting the much-awaited OLED screens this year.

With all the excitement around, let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for Tuesday’s announcement.

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