Aptos and Internet Computers Dip Below $10 as Investors Seek 580% Presale Gains in WW3 Shiba

June 25th, 2024 at 7:45 am UTC · 3 min read

Aptos and Internet Computers Dip Below $10 as Investors Seek 580% Presale Gains in WW3 Shiba

/WW3 Shiba/ – Aptos (APT) and Internet Computer (ICP) have dipped below the $10 mark, pushing investors to seek investment opportunities in new projects.

WW3 Shiba (WW3S), an upcoming meme coin that will bring SocialFi and GameFi under one roof, has emerged as one of the best crypto investments.

With its unique blend of blockchain gaming and in-game rewards, WW3 Shiba has captured the attention of Aptos and Internet computer investors who are trimming their crypto holdings.

Analysts claim that WW3 Shiba is a good altcoin for crypto portfolio diversification and rebalancing.

Aptos Price Prediction: Arthur Hayes Backs APT

Arthur Hayes, the co-founder and former CEO of BitMEX, claimed that Aptos will overtake Solana to become a leading layer-1 blockchain in the next 1–3 years.

This is a bold statement given that Solana is a top-ten cryptocurrency with a market cap of $61.66 billion, while Aptos is far behind with $2.97 billion.

Aptos reached a high of $18.09 in 2024 on March 27 before the crypto correction began. Since then, Aptos has fallen 64% to $6.57. Analysts have given a short-term bearish Aptos price prediction.

They expect the altcoin to trade below $5 in Q3. However, based on Hayes’ predictions, Aptos is a good crypto to buy for long-term holders.

Internet Computer Price Action Favors Long-Term Holders

Internet Computers, a star of the show in the 2020–2021 crypto bull market, has failed to rally as it did before. ICP slid below $7.90 as investors fled the majority of mainstream altcoins in favor of stablecoins or new cryptocurrencies. The Internet computer price action has seen the altcoin lose 40% in the past month.

Analysts are going with a bearish Internet computer price prediction in the short term as they expect the altcoin to fall further. Whales remain sidelined as they are not buying the dip.

However, long-term buyers are still profitable, as Internet computer sales have risen by 96.6% in the past year.

If the Internet computer price action does not reverse, more holders could be forced to sell their ICP holdings to protect their gains and capital, triggering additional losses.

WW3 Shiba Attracts Investors Seeking 580% Presale Gains

WW3 Shiba, a new meme coin focusing on blockchain gaming, is experiencing a surge of interest from whales and retail investors seeking massive presale gains. The meme coin is predicted to soar by 580% during the presale, arousing excitement from the crypto community.

Data shows that even Shiba Inu whales jumped on the WW3 Shiba bandwagon. The development team made smart decisions by capping the total supply of 4.3 billion WW3S tokens. WW3S, the native token of the WW3 Shiba ecosystem, will have several utilities, including real-world applications such as donating to dog charities.

As the presale progresses, the price of WW3S is projected to skyrocket, making it a good crypto investment. Early investors can easily earn passive income through staking rewards. Investors looking for 1,000X gains are encouraged to buy WW3S tokens at a low price of $0.001 in the early phases of the initial coin offering.

If you would like to find out more information about the presale, please visit: Website, Twitter, Telegram.

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