Ardadex Protocol Kicks Off Token Sale to Early Adopters

Place/Date: - September 30th, 2021 at 10:42 am UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Ardadex, Source: Ardadex Protocol

Ardadex Protocol Kicks Off Token Sale to Early Adopters
Photo: Ardadex Protocol

Ardadex Protocol, the next generation of decentralized finance has announced its launch on Cardano Blockchain.  Ardadex Protocol will combine both DEX/AMM and NFT functionalities.

The debutant DeFi token-ARDAN, which prides itself on being the next generation of DeFi “built to disrupt the traditional financial ecosystem,” is powered by the Ardadex Ecosystem. The Ardadex Ecosystem is the parent company of promising projects developing in decentralized and cryptocurrency space and has backed-up on the inception of projects including: Ardadex swap (DEX), Ardadex NFT platform, ARDAN Token.

Plus Ardadex Ecosystem is venturing into the native Cardano blockchain, this move is plausibly directed to make DeFi accessible to all by making cryptocurrency transactions cheaper, faster, smoother and more secure.

Ardadex Protocol Native Token

ARDAN Token is the native token of the Ardadex ecosystem.

The Ardadex ecosystem will provide a decentralized automated market-maker. Ardadex Exchange is designed to trade without intermediaries. Ardadex Exchange supports the crypto community to trade Cardano native tokens that run on Cardano blockchain with the help of user-fueled liquidity pools and enables users to keep full custody of their token and trade tokens at much lower trading fees.

ARDAN Token is the governance token of Ardadex Protocol. ARDAN can be used around the platform for swaps, staking and yield farming. Furthermore, ARDAN Token can be used by Ardadex Exchange to shape its future.

Ardadex Unique Ecosystem

A Community-driven Token

ARDAN Token acts as the governance token of Ardadex Protocol. ARDAN holders can vote on the development or amendment of the Ardadex projects and can also submit governance proposals. This makes ARDAN a completely community-driven token. Being the governance token on Ardadex Protocol.

Earn Passive-income

ARDAN Token can be used for passive income by various methods on Ardadex Protocol. Users can earn ARDAN Token through liquidity mining and staking on pools. Also, XcelDefi Holders can stake XLD tokens on XcelSwap to earn more XLD Tokens!

Staking & Rewards

ARDAN Token Holders can also stake, swap and earn liquidity provider (LP) tokens on Ardadex Ecosystem!

Ardadex NFT

The platform combines decentralized finance and nonfungible tokens. This will enable Digital Creators and online creators to Mint & trade digital commodities using our super sleek, easy to use user interface on Ardadex Protocol.

In conclusion, DEXs and NFT market are still in their early years and will need further development of infrastructure and refinement of user experience, with a growing Ardadex ecosystem and several features already planned for future release, isn’t just another DeFi protocol but rather, an innovative project to surely watch out for.

ARDAN Token Presale Information

Interested participants can purchase $ARDAN token at the best available price. Ardadex Protocol allocated a total of 250 million ARDAN token for pre-sale at a price of $0.001 ADA per token and 250 million ARDAN token for public sale at a price of $0.003 ADA per token. Total allocated token to the public will be unlocked at the end of ARDAN Token IPO.

Interested participants can visit our website, click on the pre-sale link and proceed with ARDAN token purchase procedure.

The referral program is also available, where all referred purchases will lead to a 10% reward that will be paid in ARDAN tokens.

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